Khultan Dark Fantasy Rp-PVP


RP PVP/PVE - NA - Exiled Lands - Grim Map

Explorers have discovered new lands, new materials, methods and means that could spell prosperity for their homelands, or plunge it into darkness. Adventurers, Exiles, Fugitives, Mercenaries, and simply those in search of a new start have come to these lands to make something of themselves. Making their way across the Endless Ocean once more to lands that the Known World wishes to maintain it’s foothold in.

A simple misunderstanding might be a rocky start, but who knows where your story will end up.

Server Features:
Mechanical Pvp Default, Dice Optional
Exiled Lands
High Fantasy Custom Lore
Level 60 Boost
x2 Xp rates
x3 Harvesting
Custom races
Helpful and active admins.

Website: Khultan
Discord: Khultan
Mod List: Steam Workshop::Khultan RP


I’d like to welcome you all to a new season of adventure, stories and fun. You’ll notice in this new season that we are bringing some new and exciting features, such as a new RpR system that has functions and features for those that prefer mechanical gameplay, new bosses and pve content, as well as plenty of quests and rewards for Rp.

Some focuses of this new season will be to make our quests and systems not only encourage more rp but reward you for it, from daily quests that earn you in-game currency that are rp based missions, like bartender, town guard, crafting, etc. All of these daily quests have RpR abilities that in turn give you rewards, crafters make special potions, bartenders making healing food that you can’t get any other way, and much much more.

We’ve added a magic system to the server and have worked it into the RpR, mages can visit libraries and for the cost of some mats craft spells that can be used in mechanical combat. With more spells to be discovered out in the world! And don’t worry for everything mage players get, nonmagical characters will get their own unique features as well.

Our goal is to create and provide a seamless world of adventure and story, a place where one can enjoy both game content and then RP about it with your friends, and we will be looking to take on more staff as we grow, and we look forward to growing with you all.

With that said! The server modlist is up to date, the server pathing and collection all good to go and the server is open!

So welcome everyone to Khultan season 4!