Kicked by battleye?

So i’m crafting some hanging braziers from the decor table and my character was crafting some thatch items so i tab out to look at memes on memecenter and i tab back in like 5 mins later and find out i was kicked from the server for… “You have been kicked by battleye. Reason: Query timeout.” What is this? I never have been kicked at all before even for tabbing out with long crafting que times D:?!

Maybe its cause i have another game up in the background? I do have World of warcraft in the background waiting for my daily hour que log in times and thought it would be nice to get some stuff done in conan while i wait.

What do you guys think?

EDIT: I asked my server #1940 and it seems a lot of people in the server are having the exact same issue. Also its been happening to me every 2-3 mins :frowning:

Like other threads on it… no one seems to know yet.

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ah sorry i didnt notice other threads, my bad D:

You can try to reduce your network traffic. But that’s all you can do. If the other endpoint is still not responding to Battle Eye, then you are out of luck.

Is this still a thing? I was on for three hours last night without issue. Just the new normal lag and FPS drops, but I never got kicked due to battle eye.

Yes, and funcom acknowledged that it’s a real thing and they’re looking into it now in another thread.

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