Killing player with jump killing pvp

Hello gentlemen in order?
on the servers late the new ridiculous fashion of the moment in PvP is to fill your ass with stone or any other crap and get double jump jumping like Mario Bros to kill with smash. There is no more strategy or tactics, it just boils down to that. it doesn’t pay to wear armor or anything else to fight. this has killed pvp and discouraged a lot of people. is there any intention by Funcom to change this system or something? it’s already become a joke and a pvp of an entire clan doing this.

The Tower of the Elephant – that’s the attached achievement to this bevavior.


Again?! Man PvP has been dead and resurrected so many times it should qualify as a religion.


it looks fun

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Either stay away from them or use a pike to hit them in the air. This build might be the easiest ever to counter lol


Gotta agree with Cykofonik. Honestly this has been around since the game was released (as far as I recall) just…don’t stand still and move out of the way.

Remember folks, a moving target is always harder to hit :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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What do you mean? Go to menu and click on request help to report them. It’s seems to be the go to now


Look up every once in awhile.

Don’t idle under this one’s tree and they won’t flatten you like a classic cartoon character.

Serial Crushers are honestly one of the weaker builds because they must run mass Expertise or suffer severe movement difficulty. While Heavy Armour is utile for damage… It is still an issue to climb into the position and wait for some herbivore to slowly graze under the tree stand.

However, as this one has been trying out the serial crusher build… It is surprisingly affectacious. Which is embarrassing.
Invisible can make it easier, but only for a mediocre window.

Stop harvesting from the same spot every day at the same time and you won’t be as easy to pick off.

When building your own bases, avoid wide open areas with big drops so invaders can’t squash you.

The tower attack is exceedingly easy to build against and counter.

Been around since before launch. Aint going anywhere.

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Thrilling series, I look forward to the episode where we talk about dagger spam and poison stacking.

Sadly the horse lance one hasn’t aged well.

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It’s not killing PVP, it’s been a part of PVP since forever if I remember it right or atleast for a long long time. It’s boring and lame. But not killing pvp. You can also kill them by either using your weapon. Or by jump their own head.

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Oohhhh really ???!?!

It actually was expensive back then. You had to invest a lot of points. Special equipment was needed. Buffs were needed. So it was not worth it.

Now you can go naked. No problem for them. Just farm stones and you can potentially oneshot players.

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Or gather babies so no farm required… heh.


No base required :smiley:

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would you rather kill someone with your feet or with a weapon?

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