Kitana changes?

As i primary kitana user i am Not excited about upcoming changes. I was fine with kitanas honestly just wanted a minor speed increase on light attacks. Bt from wat ive seen Funcom is at it againg changing something iactually enjoyed. The side to side attack look dumb and generic imo. Obviously just based off looks ‘‘maybe’’ ill change my tune when i get to play it but as of right now i am not excited at all for that… Side note 2 handed axe and visual holstered weapons looks awesome and is very welcome, just wish u wouldnt ruin my kitanas.

Only Mileena could ruin Kitana. Katanas in 2.5 are a little more useful with the combo change and should hopefully broaden their use by players and thralls. It’s quite possible some katanas may retain the old move set, as Funcom have done it with a few great axes.

I thought that kitanas animations where just fine. The downward slashes and special attack does not need to be changed. I hope i do get to keep the old moveset bc honestly the more i look at whats coming in the future it just looks bad to me. Kitanas should not be side to side walking forward. I wish u wouldnt change this funcom kitanas where just fine. The downward slashes and carrying from the hip was my favorite part of game. I might be alone in this bt i honestly dont want these kitana changes AT ALL. Please funcom consider keeping old move set on a Legendary kitana like Musashi Black Blade… Or something please.

Katana is the correct spelling. The term is a compound of kata (one side / one sided) and na (blade). Not to be confused with Kitana, who’s a 10,000 year old Edenian princess from the Mortal Kombat video game series.

Speaking of katanas…mishas black blade and blade of the seven winds…which of those weapons do you think has a black finish?..youd be wrong…not sure if it is a mistake or not…

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Blade of the Seven Winds has the black finish you’d think Musashi’s Black Blade would have. But I’ve seen stranger choices - axes classed as daggers, swords classed as axes for example. FYI, Misha’s a pet bear that drops daggers.

Mishas blades…double tipped blade design…yup

Recently been spawning ihn the ‘‘soverign’’ blade looks cool. Bt ur right y arnt those blades black finished lol. Still dnt want the changes tbh.

Lol gg

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