Knockout gas orbs & arrows

I saw someone else suggested this back last July, and I still think it’s a grand idea. Make orbs using yellow lotus instead of puffball mushrooms; these would do sufficient “concussive damage” to knock out T1 thralls, and weaken T2s. The impact on T3 & T4 would be negligible. You might could even strap them to arrows like the existing poison gas arrows, and knock out the lowbie thralls from a distance. I don’t know what sort of effect they’d have on players (assuming no sandstorm/setite mask in use), given that I don’t know that players can be rendered unconscious but alive.

What they need to do is make the concussion health of a thrall a percentage of their HPs, currently say you have darius with 6150 health an 700 armor hes a tough nut to crack, but I never try health damage good thralls i just knock them out with trunchon in like 3-4 wacks an hes down for 15mins, rinse repeat 100 thralls an they become pointless to even have them to defend, this is just another oversight by what ever clowns are working at funcom, add in the bugs/hacks/glitches & you an see why theres very few populated servers anymore.

Avatars have been unbalanced an broken since this game was released how fu**** long does it take to change it, say ymir bubble takes over 250 ice/kills set is like 85? why so long to balance? stamina glitch/launching yaself horizontal from a tower by rolling an going like 30 foundation blocks across, the poor server performance which drives people away, by the time they actually get around to balancing an fixing anything there will be no one remaining to play it. Some parts of the game are good, but far too many poor aspects are what kills it.

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