Fixing the player hp

Dear Funcom, if you want the player to be the hero, then you need to give player higher hp and maybe higher hit points. The T4 thralls should around 1000 hp. You guys need to watch Firespark latest video.

When starting playing this game I was wondering why the player hp was so low and the thralls were so high. I think you guys need balance that little better. Please not trying to be rude to you guys, if I’m i apologize. I know guys are busy and you got on your plate and appreciate what you guys have done to the game.

P.S I hope your next DLC is with more placeable’s especially with more Greek and I would like see more for trees and vines, plantes, and side note you need make different building pieces and make plan then make a thing call a texture die but you guys call it something different but basic you would make a dye to dye other building pieces. For example I could take Argos dye and dye different piece from different DLC. Also would like see that the player could change the color of the Argos pieces. Basically would I’m saying is the blue to like whatever color player wants. Thanks for time.

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