Lady of the Lake Light RP/PVP 2X EXP/3x Gathering

Lady of the Lake Light RP/PVP 2X EXP/3x Gathering
Direct Connect :

We hope you check out Lady of the Lake (LotL) 40 player server for PC . We are a light RP/PVP server that encourages players to RP while part of LotL. In addition, we do have several rules everyone is expected to abide by.

Rules 1-8:

  1. RP friendly names Preferred. (NO: !@#$%&, Big Dick Rick, etc)
  2. KoS is only allowed if you roleplay it out with voice chat or local chat.
  3. No offline raiding. (Killing Thralls at a base is NOT considered offline raiding)
  4. In order to raid or attack a player’s base you must declare war. (Example: Say in World Chat “I declare war against King of Nothing” then you may begin your attack.
  5. Stealing is allowed, however, if the victim is offline you cannot destroy any of their buildings.
  6. Combat Logging, logging off mid combat, will not stop an ongoing/active raid on your base.
  7. No buildings may block resource nodes, thrall camps, or any points of interest(emote locations, chest locations, etc). No placing blocks to extend land claim.
  8. South of Noobie River is a no KoS zone/No raiding zone and allowing T1 blocks only.

Any violation of the above rule may result in a ban without warning.

In our server:
-Items do not drop on death.
-The server restarts every night at 3:00am PST.
-Building damage is active Mon-Fri at 5PM to 12:00AM PST and Sat-Sun at 10AM to 12:00AM PST.
-Purge is active.
-Avatars are active during building damage hours.
-Hour long Day cycle and 20min Night cycles


Please enjoy, and have fun!

Purge is now active and ready to go this weekend. Here are the settings it’s set on.

Time is set at Sat and Sun 10am-Midnight PST

We will be wiping the server on launch day (May 8th) so don’t get too attach to anything if you come and join us.

This is PC right? When i try to add server with above address Steam isn’t finding it

Yep its PC and just used the direct connect and it worked You could try just searching “Lady” too it should pop up.

Added a new rule: War must be declared before raiding or attacking a player. Also reminder we are wiping the server when full release happens (4am PST).

Made some edits to the post like changing RP named requirement to just preferred and updated the server to have hour long day cycle and 20min night cycle. Come and check us out if you want but server is normally filled during prime time hours.

For any new players joining this server there is a current server event : Roaming Kinscourges (Black Keep Bosses) around the land.

Just wanted to let you all know the server now has decay on and it’s set on .5 so that means if you build an empty 10 by 10 base with walls and a ceiling you will get the full 360 hours of abandonment protection. I set it to this to help clear out all the small bases. Just a warning for any new folk.