[US] [PC] HitherCameConan 6/18 Wipe Casual RP/ Hardcore PVP Server 50 Slot

Most settings are vanilla settings being 1.0x rate.
Gather rate has been changed to 1.5 to help out new people and encourage people to rebuild after raids.

Here are the rules of our server:
-RP names are REQUIRED!
-NO EXPLOITING! (Vault Walls, Spamming Foundations, etc).
-1 Day immunity to the person you raid. (If he or she retaliates within the immunity time, the immunity is forfeited).
-KOS allowed but not recommended.
-Clans MUST declare war in Global while at least one member of the opposing clan is on BEFORE raiding (only has to be done once until the war comes to an end).

We are looking forward to you joining us !
Direct IP:
Discord: discord.gg/hK43e7N