Lost Shadows is an RP-PVP server that was recently wiped on 8/24. We are very welcoming to new players and veterans alike. We will be running events that will have increased harvest and exp rates as well as admin events like dungeons and tournaments etc.

Come and join us on discord: https://discord.gg/pyJuAAA

Key Server Settings

  • 2X Harvesting and Experience

  • Increased NPC damage 2X

  • Increased crafting and thrall breaking

  • Slowed fuel burn speed

  • Slowed Food Spoilage

  • Avatars Disabled (Except special events)

Server Rules

  1. Server Rule #1 No-KOS PVP. All players are required to roleplay with other players in local chat. This excludes contact between clan members.
    a. Try and use local chat for roleplaying. Voice chat is allowed for rp just for pvp instances please use local chat so there is no miscommunication.
    b. When confronting another player give them a choice
    c. “Drop Everything Or Die” scenarios are not allowed
    d. Random killing for a Serial killer roleplay is not allowed
    e. Give reasonable time for the other player to respond
    I. If they try to run when confronted with a choice you may attack them
    II. if you tell a running character to halt and they keep running after a reasonable amount of time you are allowed to attack them
  2. Server Rule #2 Raiding Times are 8:00pm - 12:00am EST Friday - Sunday
    a. During raiding times clans that are at war may engage in KOS PVP
    b. During raiding times open world RP-PVP rules still apply to clans not at war
    c. You Must declare War 1 Day in advance before attacking you must post in global and in the discord channel for war declaration
    d. You must have an RP reason for declaring war
    e. Peace or withdrawal of War Dec must be posted in discord
    f. Allies of attacking clan and defending clan must also be posted in the war declaration
    g. No foundation wiping is allowed
    h. While being raided no building additional layers of walls to keep them out
  3. Server Rule #3 No Griefing
    a. No building structures around other players or luring/trapping a player inside a building
    b. If a player enters your building with intentions of stealing or killing you, you may kill the player
    c. No spawn camping
    d. Do not build chests all over the map keep them to your house
  4. Server Rule #4 All character and clan names should fit into the Conan universe
    a. Any troll names will be asked to change them if not they will be changed by an admin
    b. No main names from inside the Conan IP
  5. Server Rule #5 Building Rules Clans may have up to 4 bases one main base and 3 outposts
    a. Main base is allowed to be as big as you would like but height can be no more than 30 walls high
    b. Outpost can only be 10X10 in size height is unrestricted
    c. Walls count in size of the outpost
    d. Public Map rooms do not count toward your base count
    e. You are only allowed 3 vaults per clan
    f. Each Clan is allowed 20 combat/dancer Thralls. Crafting thralls are unlimited.
    g. Walls around your main base may be no more than 6 walls high and no more than one foundation high
    h. No stacking foundations more than 4 high - No exceptions! You may only stack foundations to level terrain.
    i. If you are found violating any of these rules, an admin will contact you and if you don’t respond within a reasonable amount of time it will be taken care of at admin discretion
  6. Server Rule #6 No toxicity, No harassing other players, Racism, Sexism, and the like.
  7. Server Rule #7 Global Chat in-game is OOC
  8. Server Rule #8 Gods are disabled on this server unless two clans at war talk to an admin and want to have the gods used for a war both sides have to agree to using gods in the war

We hope to talk to you on discord and see you in-game!

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Very nice server. Runs smooth, no issues. People are friendly and RP-oriented, with no drama! If you’re looking for a nice RP PVP server, you should check this out!