The Tale of Ptolemy RP PvP Fresh Wipe 2xExp 3xGather Active Admins


The Tale of Ptolemy is a server looking for people who

Enjoy PvP without too many restrictions
Like to RP
Want to have fun in a fresh server
Are looking for a server with active admins
Friendly towards new players

I. PvP should occur through roleplay. If in the course of RP a character reaches the point that PvP is the inevitable conclusion, that player will flag their intent for PvP by drawing their weapons and making some sort of in-character intent to attack/PvP. At this point, the other character may either attempt to diffuse the situation through RP, draw their weapons to accept the PvP interaction, or run. If a character runs, the attacker may chase them and attack them if they so wish. Additionally, if a character is below level 45 they may inform the other party OOC in which case they are to be safe from PvP/Raiding/threat at that moment, but they can still keep their hostile intent towards that character in mind. This is to protect newer players and allow everyone a chance to start out, just RP it out folks.
II. Combat around or within Apkhedet is strictly forbidden as is waiting around Apkhedet in order to initiate PvP.
III. In order to raid someone’s base, you have to have an RP reason to do so. This doesn’t have to be overly elaborate. It could simply be that they’ve built too closely to your territory, or that they worship false idols. Just make sure it’s consistent with your character.
IV. Raiding is to be kept to the objective of taking loot from a player, don’t destroy too much of their base, try to minimize destruction as much as you safely can and get to their loot.
V. Two clans may declare war upon each other. Clans at war are considered fully hostile and may kill opposing members without flagging for PvP. Clans that wish to go to war will declare their intent to do so and the other clan may accept or decline. If the other clan declines, they will be subject to shame and ridicule. If the other clan accepts the declaration, they may set boundaries to the war and inform the admins so we may enforce these rules. Otherwise full destruction off either clans property is allowed during war.
VI. Do not build thrall wheels away from your base. Any thrall wheel built unreasonably far from ones base will be removed by an admin.
VII. Each clan is allowed one main base that is subject to raid limitations and up to two outposts, no bigger than a 10x10 tile base. Outposts may be raided and destroyed without any prior warning or clan members being online. You may place one thrall wheel within an outpost.
VIII. Racism, sexism, and prejudices of the sort are not permissible out of character. This is a Conan RP server, if your character holds these sorts of views you may roleplay as such, but leave it in character.
IX. Using voice chat is vastly prefer but not mandatory on the server. If you do not have or do not wish to use your own mic for whatever reason, please ensure that you can still hear others that do have and want to use their own.
X. If you build your main base within a cave, blocking any exile camp or boss spawn it is fair game for destruction.

Mod List
This is the current mod-list in load order:

Pippi - User & Server Management v2.2.0
Speech Bubbles 1.5.3
Emberlight 2.0.5
Stygian Building Kit
Savage Steel
Savage Steel vol II
IMMERSE RP & Building Decor
Glass Constructions and more…
Exile Architect
Fashionist v3.0.2 (1.0 and DLC compatible)
Less Building Placement Restrictions

There is a link to a steam mod collection in the discord.