Lag switching pvp issue

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people using lagswitches to gain advantage in pvp.

there is nothing players can do against scum who decide to use a lagswitch against other players.
you have just lost our clan who have been here since late alpha. enjoy the game guys but remember cheating is not winning.

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Lag switching is not limited to PC either, it is still possible on consoles as well.
(I could elaborate as to how with consoles but this thread would likely be hidden as a result)

What I have seen first hand on official servers is that even the most modest latency or lag creates a huge advantage which makes one nearly invincible while others in the vicinity will lag horribly if they try to lock onto the lag switcher. I have also been ambushed by players using lag switches. It would seem that the only solution to this is to turn down the server tolerance to flakey client connections and enforce stricter region locks. (South American players, European players, Japanese players etc should not be connecting to North American servers and vice versa). As it stands now, players can run a software lagswitch for extended period of time without the server ever disconnecting the client. There’s also a lot of in game lag that really ruins the PVP aspect too. Fighting near a large base is likely to be a laggy experience and sometimes just loading into a new area can make you vulnerable to other players. (As your client catches up other players are invisible for up to 30 seconds.)

This game has really devolved into infinite stam / latency spear tag.


Last night we wore fighting a big clan… 2 out of the 6 wore lag switching, you could not target them because they wore teleporting around due to the latency. We wore hitting the multiple times and the hit did not register plus they wore doing a full combo somewhere near by and we wore getting raped from distance.


How are you able to garner proof against those who are lag switching? Isn’t this something that BattleEye, or other cheat-preventatives should be catching, and addressing?

in order for the lag switch to work properly it has to go over 600-700 ping. maybe they can add a second line for ping restriction within the game. whenever you get over 600 ping your are out. it will help the servers with the lagging as well.

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the servers ping restriction is only upon entering a server, so they keep it off until in the server, then activate and they can basically teleport about while in pvp, you see a player hit once, in effect they are already on 2nd or 3rd hit, by that time you are almost dead maybe getting one hit on them. true scum in a pvp game. there are alot doing it on official and this has been an issue since early beta and still not addressed. unless the ping restriction is in effect even whilst in the server (ie kept in force through the duration of play) then it is pointless playing. just giving cheaters free gear. the also seem to be turning off pvp / farming in the server (server EU 1313) clan name : P#ssy slayers. #=u

please can you address this issue, they also have an under mesh base at volcano.

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Proof? That would only be possible by someone monitoring the connection of everyone and/or sitting in the abusers neck getting to see the lagswitch first person.

Thing is, it’s pretty obvious that something is wrong when people kill one in a single hit from three foundations distance… and then claim it’s been a full combo or even two…

But then again, I really think macros are just as bad.
Since they seem to be used to cancel animations. Loosing a “fair” fight due to that really sucks…
The user “just” gets to use twice the attacks in the same time frame…

Another issue is how the server gets a ping of 500 or higher and an fps of 5 or below on a daily basis.
Though it’s only a guess of mine that this is an issue too.

Anyway. I agree with @Theo1. Something needs to be checking ping always when online - I would let it react on 200 or 250 though.

200-250 ping is not viable for a game of this size. Imagine you are approaching a big base and your latency goes up and you pass the limit of 200 ping… Then you are out :stuck_out_tongue: they have to fine tune it.

yes, the inmortal people alwyas are the people with lowbanwidth or using this gitch. It’s a great bug for conan exiles business plan because people begins to unlike the pvp game.

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Its really easy to lag switch on console.

  1. purchase lagswitch cable
  2. connect your xbox/ps4 to desk switch
  3. replace the uplink cable from your switch to your router with lagswitch cable.
  4. flip switch repeatedly to win

software method

  1. turn your mac or PC with 2 NICS into a router with “internet sharing”
  2. Have your PC route out over a fast/reliable VPN (optional but for extra latency)
  3. connect your xbox/ps4 to your mac/pc
  4. have a script flip the VPN connection on/off quickly to “lag switch” or have a script just drop your outbound nic repeatedly

Both methods work and a lot of big clans use this, in part to make themselves appear better at the game than they really are on their twitch channels. Then of course there’s players in different parts of the world connecting to NA servers when they shouldn’t be able to.

If the devs won’t enforce better region locks and drop players the minute their connections get really unstable then I think its only fair the rest of the community knows how easy it is to pull this kind of garbage off.

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