To much lag with server full

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Region: [eu #1111]

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When the #1111 pvp server in pc are full there’s a lot of lag, it’s a frustrating play with this because for example there’s 2 seconds or more to switch weapon etc. All player have the same problem.

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1.fix the server


It’s not just your server mate. Server performance has been a heated topic on this forum.

They are working on a fix, in Testlive they are “running tests” fingers crossed performance will improve when the Pet system is launched.

Hi. This really helped my lag issues.


Settings>Video>Graphic Quality> (select “Auto”)

Please, let me know if this works for you? :slight_smile:
I’m trying to get a friend to play CE. If this works he might join.


Edit: Helps with FPS but fukkit, I still have lag spikes.

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