Offical Server #1774 Hackers/ Lag switch

Seems to have on or two players that are lag switching or hacking on the server during raid times and while raiding. They seem to be able to jump further or rubber band more during these times or instant kill players. Have Steam ID’s and other information. Is it possible to get console logs to see this true as well network log for steam ID of users.



I know who you’re talking about. I’ve also seen them speed hack as well. When I fought a couple of their members I was almost full health but as soon as I got close to her I froze then my screen said I was dead. I wasn’t alone in that fight and 3 of my clan members jumped on her at the same time and the exact same thing happened to them.

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Server #1774 - We have a group of players who are lag switching. If it wasn’t for the fact that we where watching multiple streams of two separate players on the server we wouldn’t not have been able to catch it. Both players conveniently lagged out half a second prior to the fight only to have it return to normal after being dead. One last thing. This happened multiple times that they ran into them. I can link info and accounts for the players in question.

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