Lag when clicking a button


I just installed this game on my pc that can play ARK full quality no problem. But I have this weird lag from whenever I click a button; mouse click or keyboard input = 0.5-1 sec lag. I can move around freely with the camera but as soon as I click something I lag. I’ve tried putting increased priority + deactivating anti-virus etc.

This of course makes the game unplayable so I tried googling a solution but I couldn’t find any, so now I’m trying here. Anyone who may know a fix for this?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t want this thread to get lost in the mix, but I play on console and have no input here. That said, I’ll refresh your post timer so other have a better chance of offering some tips

If there isn’t a response, I suppose you can file a bug report and/or a Zendesk ticket. That may be a good idea regardless

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