Lag when Locking onto enemy players

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: EU pvp official

Locking onto players with multiple buffs is still causing lag

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Lock onto Enemy player who has multiple buffs
2.Lag out


Also there are huge issues with the combat system, specifically spears.

How to reproduce issue

  1. Get a spear
  2. Tap r2 wait half a second
    Attack again
  3. Kill anyone in heavy armour with no effort at all.
    Do i get paid now? I am doing your job for you.

After the update me and my entire tribe are constantly crashing yet the other tribes aren’t effected by this at all, we were running around trying to collect sets of armour from our bodies but before we could get close we crashed again 7+ sets of aquillonian epic infantry lost, plus weapons after the Update that many sets of armour isn’t easy to get, and not to mention the fact that if we get to our bodies they are invisible, or are no were to be seen because for some reason you keep moving when you crash please fix this game I want to wipe the server but can’t because of these bugs, please fix these issues.



Pvp is a one of the core aspects to the game like building, a fix should have been released by now.

Checked the per updates and nothing in the patch notes resolve this issue.


The lock-on with buff bug is rendering the game unplayable. This needs to be fixed ASAP, just make it so buffs can’t stack. Only one buff at a time.

Time to remove head from ■■■■ and set mind to purpose. Fix it…

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