Land Claim Abuse on Official Servers: Feedback/Discussion

Did my base in the middle of no where, no points of interest nearby, no thrall spawns nearby, far away from any obelisk, closest to the barrier as possible, got three neighboors very close and one of then did a foundation spider web just besides my base. Early in game the purge was used to come to me by a path between two cliffs, some one closed this path and the purge started to spawn at my door and inside the base.

no your are being targeted by someone that is either jealous or simply has a beef, have you not heard zendesk is the new PVP .

again i can agree the extreme cases shown with landclaim (spiders, and long highways, should be demolished and perpetrators suspended), but nicely build structures, people usually come and admire them, no one will report such a nice structure unless someone hates you for whatever reason. this is when it becomes a personal attack. and funcom should not Endorse it. Unless it goes to structures that are a map grid (square or bigger of course)

i mean this game has been out for how long? it housed EXTREME huge buildings servers survived, (some with issues) now days i can tell the structures are no longer huge, but they are actively suspending people for building a large (not huge) castle? NOT Cool, specially when they advertise it, (check the text over the nemedian) heck even go check the artisan bench and look at the pictures of those bases that won the building contest, (huge places), everything in this game invites you to do it.

also, we need to separate PVP and PVE , as this two will hold very very different building types, and people play different in both servers (building wise) .

how to control it? make building MUCH MORE Expensive, once certain point make it so, every piece becomes more and more expensive, when you start seeing a foundation insanely expensive (1000 bricks) because you have already placed down 10k pieces in the map) you will end up controlling it, but without removing the freedom ,

set up somethiung that depending on how big the strucutres are or how many pieces you have placed, to pay something, for instance, penalize it by reducing the decay timer ,

you *funcom needs to stop this nonesense of banning people out of “subjective” reasons, and again i got hard proof of this words,

i got videos of large (not huge structures) Being deleted, and huge structures being flagged as not breaking the TOS.

i dont really want to deal with the mood of the day of that admin looking at reports, reason why we will keep pushing for clear rules.

i saw some extreme cases of what is not ok to build, now i would love to see what WE can build over official servers.

please @Community


Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate the different perspective. I would like to talk a bit more of what I meant to say, in detail.

Sorry for the long post. I am not a native English speaker, apologies for grammar mistakes.

I did not mean to say the servers are meant to be one-stop like MMOs where you start a character and stick there forever. Game has a decay system so if I’m inactive, my buildings are automatically removed making space for other players. In my previous post, when I said “stay”, I just referred to the time we are playing the game, not forever. I agree with your statement that servers have become walled gardens, and I don’t support such behavior either. However, we need to realize that it is us players who are turning the servers into such a place.

I would like to speculate that many players are doing this because they don’t have proper information. Game encourages base building, and is advertised as such.

  1. Steam page says “…Survive in a vast open world sandbox, build a home and kingdom, …”. Steam page doesn’t talk about limitations on official servers. If we are not allowed to build as we want, there has to be information somewhere on what can be done and what is not allowed. FC has started this thread to give a better awareness on that, yet the guidelines are not crystal. There are many questions that are still being answered.

  2. DLCs: The game has DLCs that are meant for building different types of buildings. While they support other things like different weapons, armor and other stuff, their primary selling point is the building pieces/placeables. If building isn’t core part of the game, DLCs should focus on other things, shouldn’t they?

  3. Decay system is removing inactive players. If active players need to remove their buildings to make space for new players, game should have a periodic server wipe, so everyone playing the game is aware that their buildings are not permanent and will be eventually removed. It makes no sense, to me, to ask someone to clear their base they spent years building so someone new can build in that place. So I beg to differ here with what you said. While willing players are free to, no player should be forced to do it.

Game has to have a mechanic to prevent this if it is not acceptable. Banning/admin removing base is not a game mechanic IMO.


In @Palm522 case , no resource was denied (apart from some iron nodes and some stone maybe , not much , and i doubt any serious pve player would take the effort to climb up there just for some nodes), and ofc no access to nowhere… On the opposite side made the traversing from scorpion kings side to set city really easy. Also public maprooms where built and i really wonder why he got banned because of this… My server has builds in exactly same locations . Only difference is that in my server different clans own them.
What i seen is just punishing a clan and not allowing each clan individual build their main base … If they were different clans, would u ban all of them?

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But isn’t “sandbox” by definition a temporary thing? The people most upset are those that have spent years tweaking and living in their creation. I don’t believe this was ever the intent because the term “sandbox” is a temporary thing. You can build a home. You can build a kingdom…and when it gets in the way of new players entering into the sandbox, it can and will be removed…just like a sand castle in a real sandbox is brushed away. FC has never said you can’t build it…but they qualified it with the idea that you can only keep it for so long depending on the affects your creation has on others playing in the sandbox. The DLCs are still valued for builds.

I understand that I’m speaking very unpopular truths out there and many can’t even comprehend taking time to build something only to watch it die…I can tell you it’s cathartic when you come to terms with it. Let me ask you this. What specifically does playing this game provide you in the real world? Would this deminish even remotely if you had to start again? Why?

I was exactly like many of you in defending what I built. I was in PVP and had structures on the server like PVE so yeah I had real time invested there in ensuring it continued Then I had a real world thing pop up and it brought some much needed perspective. After loosing it all, I had twice as much fun rebuilding and it took half as long to do so. It was then I realized the game’s enjoyment wasn’t the stuff but the journey…just like all other games. If I loose a save and suddenly I have to start from scratch on Fallout4, does that mean the game isn’t enjoyable anymore? Not even remotely. I enjoy it more than I did originally because I could spot things the developers put in there that I was blind to before due to my ignorance being a noob.

Conan is no different. I am back in Spitah again (waiting patiently for server transfers on EL…just saying) and I have spotted sooo many hidden spots that were not obvious before. Some are only accessible after digging out the stone and discovering a new hidey hole cave. I would have never found these if I didn’t get wiped and had to restart again.


I agree wholeheartedly that admin response is not a good substitute for something that can and should be handled by a game mechanic, but the existing game mechanic is not up to the task, either.

I once proposed an idea about a new system that could act as a counterbalance for building, but that discussion got auto-locked after a while.

If there’s interest in discussing a system like that again, I can open a new thread, so that we don’t end up derailing this thread.


But the issue here is that of reporting. FC doesn’t have the resources to inspect all servers all the time. They require player feedback to point out problems. The biggest fear I had was that each admin would have their own ideas of what is allowed and what isn’t. This no-go gauge on the pinned thread is a great way to get the different admin on the same page.

I do not know if anyone has reported any build in my server and i honestly do not care. I am asking directly: IF the builds were individuals, were they got also banned? Cause if answer is no, what i see in what they did is punishing 10 people because they built their bases near a central point in order to share benches/resources or for whatever reason … it was not land claim reason for sure, as no undermeshing foundations existed, no landclaim builds ( like lets say a couple foundations with a torch/brazzier/vault) in the middle of nowhere, no roads or access blocked , and they had a building of another clan so close to them that each ones purge affectted the other, without even having issues with this guy… Also no npcs were despawned or annoyed (lets say archers in proximity that would kill whatever anyone trying to capture/fight…) …

So was that clan punishment? IF exactly the same builds were different clans , would it be also punishable?

Also for me the issue is not reporting… How the heck they expect a player to adapt without a warning? Something to let him know: hey , dear customer, u have done THIS specific thing wrong… Consider moving THIS specific build , (or release THIS specific spawn ) and we are ok, else u will get a ban?

Why they go from blinding white (where NO moderation at all existed) to pitch black (where they go FU-delete-ban - with no warning)???

The intention may be good, but the execution is so bad , that drives players away… Why they r unable to think like players?

@Umborls , i am glad someone of the dev team decided to show us that this issue is not going unattended by replying to it , and also would like an answer to my question .

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The way I see this, is you’re not allowed to house all of the placeables and altars in your base.


Please remove the allowed altar distance so we can build more compact, not every one likes to stack them in a tower unrealistically high.

And bigger clans should be allowed to build something like a village, take for example if a clan of 10 builds a SMALL city/village it is always better than 10 different bases.


Lets do not forget also that 10 individuals would own way more thralls than 10 members in a clan , clustering the server way more

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A Sandbox game is where players are free to explore without being constrained to a specific set of goals. Such games often have open world, non-linear story telling and modifiable game world. It has no connection to “temporary things” IMO. A perfect example of a Sandbox game is Minecraft.

Being said that, I understand that we see this game differently and we are free to do so. You are free to interpret the game the way you see fit, I’m no one to say otherwise.


That’s an interesting interpretation. It might be worth asking @Umborls for a clarification there: given the guidelines on “walls and villages”, is it feasible to build a base that incorporates all the shrines for all available religions (except Crom)? Is it something that’s discouraged?


Crom shrine is the wheel of pain !! :wink:


Foundation Web - These webs serve mostly as land claim, but also as a way to combat trebuchets. Is using the land claim system in any way as a defensive tool a violation of TOS?

We do consider foundations that prevent trebuchets to be a problem on official servers. It is something we take action on when reported.

Bridges, Roads, Paths - To what extent is this point about scale vs intent?

Scale, intent, and location are all factors here. Convenience bridges and lifts on a small scale that are within the context of your base should not pose any problem. For this one, the pictures really illustrate the kinds of things where the convenience also comes with an enormous advantage in land claim.

Walls and Villages

There is a lot of good discussion on this particular topic and we will continue to listen. The point is not to prevent artistic creations or dictate a specific blueprint for how bases can be constructed. Conan Exiles is a sandbox game and expressing yourself is part of the experience.

It may be difficult to see the true size of the buildings in the examples under this topic. Those pictures are taken floating very high above the land because it was the only way to get them all into frame. One thing you definitely can’t see is what’s inside the bases. Imagine how you would utilize these spaces with workstations and storage. The structures in these pictures have a lot of buildings that serve no function other than being a show piece.

Everyone, please continue to share with us your thoughts about these topics. Thank you.


Appreciate the clarification. Thank you!

Would it be possible for the team to consider lowering the amount of space required between altars? That’s what caused us the most trouble when considering the build space needed.


I truly love your builds but they are large. While I am not seeing intentional abuse of the game, this is very large and could be problematic. If I was reviewing this, I would say your intent is in the heart of Conan but would have to look at server traffic to determine if you are getting in the way of others. If there are only 5 active players on any given month, then I would let this go. If there were over 20, it would go with a message of apologies and video eulogy for such a feat. Respect of the art should still be maintained even if you have to remove it. But of course I am not an admin working and balancing zendesk tasks and company goals ( new revisions of the current bread winner and an ever tigthening deadline for a separate game that should send the company through the roof) so I don’t have the same pressures.

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The village /castle one is really weird, do they know how big their stations are, that whole base only has 2 stables and an animal pen, when you think a greater wheel t3 stations etc, unless you are building a absolutely giant cube, your going to have a building with an outer wall protecting it all surely.

if you want people to build smaller bases, make micro map rooms, wheels stables, animal pens(with no disadvantage or loss), t3 stations that dont at times require at least 2-3 high walls.

I dont even know why you added all these new stations splitting functions of the old ones in the first place making smaller bases less viable.


There are a couple points that are being made that I think I could touch on.

  • When we receive a report about a possible rules violation, all that is guaranteed is that we will look in the area reported. We make the decision if there is a problem in the area and act accordingly. Customer Support does not remove guilds or buildings at any player’s request.

  • The Official Servers are a small part of Conan Exiles. The game was not developed with them in mind. We absolutely provide players with the building blocks to produce huge castles, foundation webs, stairs to the sky, and anything else you can imagine. So in a sense, we do advertise this kind of gameplay. The ruleset we use for the Official Servers is just the flavor of gameplay we want to provide to the community. I like to think there is server out there to please everyone.

  • Being suspended or banned from the Official Servers for any form of claim abuse will never affect your ability to access single-player mode or all other servers. No one who has action taken against them or their clan is a bad person because of it either. The possibilities in the game are vast and our ruleset for these servers is specific.

Would it be possible for the team to consider lowering the amount of spare required between altars? That’s what caused us the most trouble when considering the build space needed.

I am happy to pass this kind of feedback along.


Hi there is the schematics of my base, when i started a year ago there was no concern about it, i even was not aware about those problems, it is a forest region and i wanted not to kill trees and rocks, iron etc. Tthen instead o building a massive block and put everything on it, i had to scather something in the area around. Every bulilding has it function, no passage or resources blocked, all doors and paths are open.
Im concerned about being out of TOS, i has as principle the fair play and being an out law really botters me. Should i consolidade everything on one place? Thanks for your attention : )

How was it before i build: Checked it today to see if there are not bosses spawn added recently or other content and it is clear

ps: under the colosseum arena theres a big wheel of pain and some storage and working stations.

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Using your sandbox comparison, the public park sandbox is for everyone, so you should not expect to build in the entire sandbox by yourself. you have to leave room for others.

Using your art gallery, there are only so many walls, and you cant display all your ideas on every wall, leaving no room for others.

So I agree.

I also acknowledge it wasnt always that way, but self control is why they had to step in.