Land Claim Abuse on Official Servers: Feedback/Discussion

Crom shrine is the wheel of pain !! :wink:


Foundation Web - These webs serve mostly as land claim, but also as a way to combat trebuchets. Is using the land claim system in any way as a defensive tool a violation of TOS?

We do consider foundations that prevent trebuchets to be a problem on official servers. It is something we take action on when reported.

Bridges, Roads, Paths - To what extent is this point about scale vs intent?

Scale, intent, and location are all factors here. Convenience bridges and lifts on a small scale that are within the context of your base should not pose any problem. For this one, the pictures really illustrate the kinds of things where the convenience also comes with an enormous advantage in land claim.

Walls and Villages

There is a lot of good discussion on this particular topic and we will continue to listen. The point is not to prevent artistic creations or dictate a specific blueprint for how bases can be constructed. Conan Exiles is a sandbox game and expressing yourself is part of the experience.

It may be difficult to see the true size of the buildings in the examples under this topic. Those pictures are taken floating very high above the land because it was the only way to get them all into frame. One thing you definitely can’t see is what’s inside the bases. Imagine how you would utilize these spaces with workstations and storage. The structures in these pictures have a lot of buildings that serve no function other than being a show piece.

Everyone, please continue to share with us your thoughts about these topics. Thank you.


Appreciate the clarification. Thank you!

Would it be possible for the team to consider lowering the amount of space required between altars? That’s what caused us the most trouble when considering the build space needed.


I truly love your builds but they are large. While I am not seeing intentional abuse of the game, this is very large and could be problematic. If I was reviewing this, I would say your intent is in the heart of Conan but would have to look at server traffic to determine if you are getting in the way of others. If there are only 5 active players on any given month, then I would let this go. If there were over 20, it would go with a message of apologies and video eulogy for such a feat. Respect of the art should still be maintained even if you have to remove it. But of course I am not an admin working and balancing zendesk tasks and company goals ( new revisions of the current bread winner and an ever tigthening deadline for a separate game that should send the company through the roof) so I don’t have the same pressures.

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The village /castle one is really weird, do they know how big their stations are, that whole base only has 2 stables and an animal pen, when you think a greater wheel t3 stations etc, unless you are building a absolutely giant cube, your going to have a building with an outer wall protecting it all surely.

if you want people to build smaller bases, make micro map rooms, wheels stables, animal pens(with no disadvantage or loss), t3 stations that dont at times require at least 2-3 high walls.

I dont even know why you added all these new stations splitting functions of the old ones in the first place making smaller bases less viable.


There are a couple points that are being made that I think I could touch on.

  • When we receive a report about a possible rules violation, all that is guaranteed is that we will look in the area reported. We make the decision if there is a problem in the area and act accordingly. Customer Support does not remove guilds or buildings at any player’s request.

  • The Official Servers are a small part of Conan Exiles. The game was not developed with them in mind. We absolutely provide players with the building blocks to produce huge castles, foundation webs, stairs to the sky, and anything else you can imagine. So in a sense, we do advertise this kind of gameplay. The ruleset we use for the Official Servers is just the flavor of gameplay we want to provide to the community. I like to think there is server out there to please everyone.

  • Being suspended or banned from the Official Servers for any form of claim abuse will never affect your ability to access single-player mode or all other servers. No one who has action taken against them or their clan is a bad person because of it either. The possibilities in the game are vast and our ruleset for these servers is specific.

Would it be possible for the team to consider lowering the amount of spare required between altars? That’s what caused us the most trouble when considering the build space needed.

I am happy to pass this kind of feedback along.


Hi there is the schematics of my base, when i started a year ago there was no concern about it, i even was not aware about those problems, it is a forest region and i wanted not to kill trees and rocks, iron etc. Tthen instead o building a massive block and put everything on it, i had to scather something in the area around. Every bulilding has it function, no passage or resources blocked, all doors and paths are open.
Im concerned about being out of TOS, i has as principle the fair play and being an out law really botters me. Should i consolidade everything on one place? Thanks for your attention : )

How was it before i build: Checked it today to see if there are not bosses spawn added recently or other content and it is clear

ps: under the colosseum arena theres a big wheel of pain and some storage and working stations.

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Using your sandbox comparison, the public park sandbox is for everyone, so you should not expect to build in the entire sandbox by yourself. you have to leave room for others.

Using your art gallery, there are only so many walls, and you cant display all your ideas on every wall, leaving no room for others.

So I agree.

I also acknowledge it wasnt always that way, but self control is why they had to step in.


This is helpful. As I have said, refining the rules is what we really need.


I agree but also depends on pvp or pve. There should be less mercy on pvp otherwise your going to have a neighbor that can treb you or shoot arrows across the map lol.

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Thanks for the clarification. Now I know how to move forward after my server is shut down.


My build takes up a very small, hardly ever used, part of the map. I have only seen one person build in that area in almost four years other than myself and after they had a Berserker purge that totally wiped out their base and part of my Inn base, they left the server. ( Of course they built right on top of me ) The Castle itself sits atop a ridge with no access other than climbing and zero resources, so nobody would ever want to go up there unless they were totally bored.
My village is all open space, you can literally pass thru the village in any direction. No resources were despawned there either. Also, four of the buildings have workstations in them, one has a thrall pot in it, and the smaller ones which are no bigger than 2x4 each all have chests or ice boxes in them.
The Inn itself is a free standing structure with a basement that used to house all of the small workstations and a wheel of pain in the back, so it was essentially a working base. It stood there alone for over two years. I only built the castle and the village after the last DLC came out.
Once the larger workstations came out, I removed all of the small ones because I rarely use them now. After thrall limits came out, I replaced the wheel of pain with a maproom, since I am hardcapped.
Also, currently I am in a six person clan, not just building on my own.

Your version of a sandbox game is totally wrong. Look up the definition.

We are supposed to demolish our builds so new players can build in that spot? Really?


Then you were most likely blocking access to something, despawning resources, mobs, maybe both, or were spamming land claim also. The fact that my village sits right outside my base makes it :

A - doubtful anyone COULD build there and
B- Why would anyone WANT to unless they were just being an asinine troll, as there are many better spots to the east of Godsclaw passage to build on.

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And yet you ended up with over one thousand of them? Keep in mind, when CE went public in May of 18, they had to add hundreds of new PUBLIC servers, since ALL existing ones were full all day every day. Also keep in mind that this was even before Xbox and consoles, so every person was using a PC.
Also, when IOS went live they added a lot of PUBLIC servers to meet demand also.
AND, if the game was not developed with them in mind, where was the caveat disclaimer stating that eventually people would be forced to move to private servers or play SP.
There was NONE, because at the time, Funcom was in a huge financial hole and wanted any source of income from any available means.
Are you really trying to qualify that statement as legitimate? Or is it now convenient, five years later?


Your build is tiny in comparison to what was advertised on the trailer. The map is huge, thats not even one square.

“Build, Survive, Conquer” Only temporarily according to some, after that you have to move and live in a 2x4.


I find it amazing after 4 years this is the first I have ever heard this sentiment echo’d from an official source.

I was under the impression through every stream every update its been towards developing the game for official play, the game has not become any more mod friendly mods break every patch and funcom now have also stated they are directly lifting (stealing imo) from the mod community, another example is the disabling and destruction of old god tokens before reactivating them, this was a decision in development only for official servers benefit.

So now we know the intentions of the game is not developed for official online play, could we get clarification as to what it is? is it supposed to be a singleplayer game? a tailor made unofficial server experience? co-op? just what was it developed in mind for?.

it also contradicts the statement of “we are closing servers as low population is not the way the game is meant to be played” yet people are told to play singleplayer to build any structure of reasonable size (large enough to fit all the benches and not be cracked open with 3 bombs at least) so is playing with no people the way the game is meant to be played?

it feels like all promotional material has become extremely misleading from pvp to castle building and combat should now be stamped with *player experience may vary wildly, or *not representative of official servers given you are actively denying that experience and you cant control the unofficial server experience in any way.


I know you likely mean something different but I think it would be awesome to have base wipes be part of the game-play:

You broke some rules?

  • You get a notification (like the purge) that the gods are coming for you.
  • You log-on and get the message: "The gods have seen what you have done to their lands. They will exact their anger in 15min. 14:59… 14:58…
  • The admin selected base is attacked by a god with 100% destruction and you were given 15min. to salvage what you could.

No bans! No transparency to FC Admins. No rule lawyering. The gods did it - because they could. :wink:


Is that a wall around the base I see in that video…


I say it’s all the gods at once and then the mighty foot of Crom (which looks like the Monty Python foot) does the crushing blow blowing up the remaining base


I saw your message illustrated with images on bans and it’s very good that you publish that, I think it enlightens us on what is desirable or not.

The bans are something very painful for the players so i think it would be good if for the first offense the person does not lose everything.

The only point that I did not appreciate during your intervention is your desire to disengage from the official servers, I understand that a company must earn money, that is its goal and that it may not be reasonable to have so many free servers so why don’t you offer premium servers of better quality welcoming more players but for a subscription?

CE players are quite old and I’m sure many would not hesitate to subscribe if it brought them an improvement in the quality of play while having a guarantee that the servers will last over time and have an independent admin.