Land Claim system

I was playing a bit of Life is Feudal and and was wondering if having a land claim system like theirs in this game.

you have a structure that creates a border in which you can build. no one else can build with in those boundaries.

The “claiming structure” needs to be maintained and abandoned claims will vanish over time.

server setting can be adjusted for off line raiding.

you can’t claim areas that can block certain zones, resources and thrall camps

what do you guys think? good idea? bad? would it be useful or something that can be exploited?

I would join roads (t1/t2/t3) so u could create a village… but I’d like that roads would cut the claimed area to the part u have a building. So imagine ur claimed area as a circle. You set a road, the claimed are will be a sector of that circle. And Now You can create a city made by un-guilded players

I didn’t think about roads. That is a decent idea.

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