The Thing With Claiming Land

I don’t think this idea would work properly in PvP but at least in PvE.

As soon as a player creates a clan they should receive two “tokens”. Let’s call them the “Claiming Tokens” for now. They have a diameter of 100m both but they can’t be placed in each other’s diameter as well as near caves, NPC villages, etc… Players can now build within the given area.

Some alternatives for that point:
-they can only build withing that area and nowhere else
-they can build everywhere but everything outside the token area can be destroyed by anyone at any time

-only two tokens per clan
-only clan leader receives tokens
-if you disband or switch to another clan your tokens disappear, making built structures damageable

I first thought of a possibility for PvP but that would be problematic with siege items I guess.

What do you think? Did I miss something?

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Yep. What about solo players? :astonished:

You can still create a clan as a solo player. It’s a solo clan then :smiley: