Land Control Status Map

Long ago there was a Land Control map maintained by a player called LC Layers ( When I try to open it now my browser can’t find the site.

Is there anyone out there who has picked up this map with “current”, perhaps hourly, status updates of which side has which tower fields and if there are any empty sites?



Try this URL’s



Thanks, that looks like the correct map, however, you posted an image of the map, not the web address to click on to get the map as far as I can tell.


wondering cause at the moment i posted them it was clickable.

it’s “

and “

lets hope it works now

Hi Relo,

Thanks, Yes that works now. My old URL still had “members” in the address. Do you know how often these maps update for changes in who controls a tower site?


no i am not that much into towerwars, but for me it always looked like realtime.

Back when my tower war tracker was still functioning, I used those maps to fill in the blanks (sites which had been conquered, but no new attacks to determine who controlled them now). Back then, I found that those maps updated once every 6h or so. This may have changed since.

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This new map Relo gave the link to seems to work well and as far as I can tell it updates within a few minutes, maybe 10. At least I planted an empty one and it updated almost as fast as I could plant a CT and get a toon to plant a couple support towers.


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