Land still claimed after I blew up all of the foundations

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On the tippy top of a mountain I wanted to build there and there were 4 foundations and I blew them all up and it still says land is already claimed. I looked all around and there is absolutely no other foundations anywhere around. So land is basically perma claimed in this game even after the foundations are gone? That sucks.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I’m on official pve server 3502 and it’s showing inside my own castle land claimed since update today . It’s right beside the swagger rock .

thats what it is, I just went into my own base and tried to place a foundation right next to a bunch of other of my own foundations and you can’t, it says land claimed. Found the new bug, jfc

Having same issue. guy tryed to limit my building area with foundation so I blew them up but still says land claimed

Same issue here, I removed my own fundations (lift building) so a ally clan can expand there and the land is still claimed.
Sucks tbh because I didn’t even wanted to limit them…

after you remove some claming fondation, you have to logout then login to be able to place your