Large body size reverts to default size. Any answers to this problem?

I never had this problem before, but now all of my characters are the same size. I tried to enlarge the ones I had before in the character creator, but when I save, it just returns to default size. I have eliminated a lot of mods trying to find the problem, but it still exists. Anyone have any answers to this problem? I sure would appreciate it.

Are you talking about the orb of nergal or a mod?

I have IQoL and Ra but they never caused me problems before, that I am aware of. But I customized primarily in IQoL, and it will not change the size.

So this is a mod problem.

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I play in consoles and I don’t have this problem, sorry. My Bella is always short, with a reason.
In Greece we say that the tall is the slave of the short :rofl::rofl::rofl:(my mom was always asking from my father things from high selves, same with my wife now) .
In any case, I am really sorry my friend, I really hope you’ll find solution to your issue, I wish I could help.

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