Larger inventory size or easier upgrade path?

One of the larger frustratrions ingame is the lack of inventory space in normal inventory and bank. having to spend large amounts of aurum to get a small amount of inventory is frustrating. I keep being forced to get rid of items I could use for upgrades. Please consider making it easier to get more space for items. More inventory would increase fun and playtime at least for myself.

agree with you it disturb alot while playing game, but i guess this can be a strategy of game developers by this they may increase the paid subscriptions i also have upgraded my plan when i got fed up from this thing, thanks for rising the point here.

Making playing the game insanely inconvenient (i.e. unfun) and over-monetizing lessening that inconvenience was pretty much the SWL business plan.

See the article linked over there:

Backing down from that now that it is too late to salvage SWL would be whoever actually was responsible for that bad idea massively losing face, so it’s not gong to happen.

At best, we can hope Funcom will learn from this and come up with a less blatantly greedy monetization scheme for the Dune MMO, because this one might well kill a game that doesn’t have SWL’s pre-existing cult following dead at launch.

I thought that was just a side effect of the real problem, which is that TSW and SWL’s performance is proportional to the number of items in your inventory, and limiting you to 35 items means it runs on 10 times worse PCs than if you could have 300+ like tsw.

While, granted, Flash is horribly un-efficient, I can’t imagine the performance differences where quite that drastic.

I never noticed much of a difference between my main or an alt with drastically different sized inventories.

Though of course I never ran either game with a bottom rung PC before either, so maybe it really was that bad for those old/cheap PCs

I think it’s also much less a problem in swl cause reticle mode disables a lot of the ui. But, hard to gauge the effect any particular change had. I know I got similar fps in TSW with ctrl+z (no ui) and SWL in reticle on my old crappy PC.

Wasn’t it also the problem that it not only effected ones own performance but everyones in the surrounding when you had a large (full) inventory?
Can’t really confirm or deny on that.

And yeah the SWL inventory still can bottleneck, especially in agartha or when you sell a lot of stuff fast at the vendor. Probably the most obvious cases.

I never heard of it. Probably some urban legend. The only issue I remember is that old inventory was redrawing itself by suboptimal method. After advice on forum from some experienced flash developer issue was fixed rather fast.

I have. Devs said that everyone’s inventory is being broadcast to everyone else in the vicinity and it was causing issues.

They’ve also stated a similar reason to why museum doors don’t stay permanently open. They’d have to broadcast everyone’s museum progress permanently instead of just when the instance’s sponsor opens a door.

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