Last update for ps4 console?

As I read more and play I feel like I’ve returned to the game at a bad time!? The main reason I returned came across a video about a new map but apparently is not on console yet. I forgot how much I enjoy playing this game so I will continue for now but I feel like not much as changed since I was last playing almost 1 year ago. I always said this game has so much potential.

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Its Early Access on PC, Not out yet which is why consoles are abit behind. (and there messing around with Spitah changes)

It was q1 2021. I havnt looked at last few dev streams. Can’t say if theres been much change.

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The update is supposed to come kinda soon, people are saying march 9 but there is no official date yet. It has been way too long without an update tho. 80% of the people I play with and against are thinking about leaving the game again and quite a few did already


The connection issue was the last straw for alot of people. Once PS get the update im sure it will bring many more issues and push more people away.

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Yeah that’s crazy honestly I was expecting alot to have changed after all this time. I hope for the sake of this game they bring it out soon aswell would be nice to play the new map looks really good from the PC version I watched

Understandable it has always been a problem even when I played alot. I think many people would be happy if there wasn’t so much lag or bugs. You right I can see it bringing more problems then it solves I guess we wait and see :smiley:

What connection issue are you talking about specifically? :sweat_smile:

The Gportal connection issue. Alot of people including me can not even load into the server anymore. It just hangs at a never ending loading screen.

Only by RNG after the daily server reset can we sometimes get in. but it has to be in the morning and dont even think about logging out if you get in cause it wont let you back on for the day.

One of my american clanmates mentioned that but it was only for an hour or two for him. None of us europeans have experienced it so idk

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