Latest Patch Concerns

Happy new years. First of all I want to say I appreciate the work funcom has put into the lastest patch. They fixed the server crash to abuse the 50 all stats however they did not reset the stats on those who have already have max stats. Perhaps its an oversight and hopefully funcom can do a quick patch and maybe forces everyone to redistribute their stats from fresh.


What concerns me more is the new stamina system.

2-3 seconds difference to recover full stamina between light and heavy armor is nothing. Heavy armor is now even more the only viable option.

Also removing armor weight from affecting stamina a usage while climbing makes absolutely no sense.

Altogether I see this as a big step in the wrong direction.


No, they didn’t reset stats on official servers. Not even exploited ones. I have character with duped stats on official server (It’s empty server, i did it for testing so chill out) - stat’s are intact.


Funcom wanted to get the patch out before they get to the players with 50-stat. Sometime soon they should get around to fixing that. (I hope)

Looks like dual wield weapons are no longer working. Daggers are working, but neither left or right mous clicks initiate any action with dual axes or swords.

There are no dual axes or dual swords in the original game, EXCEPT Whirlwind blades and Havoc & Malice, but those are considered as daggers.
Are you using mods? You should wait 'till the mod author updates that particular mod.

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A simple solution to the current players with all 50 stats, is to start fresh… Wipe all the damn servers. Or else, reset every 1’s stats.

The only 2 options.

OR, Perma ban all the exploiters :smiley:. These are the people who ruin the game for everyone else.

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A simple SQL query can check who cheated and then an automated ban can be delivered on the people, whose max spent points on attributes is higher than 390 or whatever the normal max points is.


Been saying that for a while. +1111111

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