Lava is OP pls nerf!


In all seriousness, the way lava currently seems to work is, if you so much as let the corner of your hitbox touch it, you instantly die. Which seems a bit of an over the top way of punishing the player for any small miss-step, especially around an area as vast and full of said lava as the volcano.

Maybe it’d be better if it would just tick your hp down at a threatening level. Right now it kinda feels like you’re being cheated into dying. The floor is lava is only fun for so long. =(



There is this sort of engine / furnace in the Well of Skellos, where one snake-man gives you a special purple gem item, the name esapes me. Getting just a nudge too close to this spot also one-shots the character, saying you got killed by lava.

I’m not sure if the indicator for this zone being off limits is simply not showing up for me (if there is one) or if this is intended or simply a bug.

But could this also not just be a stacking debuff or something? Much like noxious gas?

Always happy to hear experiences and opinions!

Thanks for the time and read.


Maybe magma resistant armor would be the best option?

But it’s lava, lava kills you


Oh… how hilarious the sight was for my clanmate, when I went to check just how bad lava is in this game.
The first stream was a really, really thin one, outside in snowy area. It had no lava fields at all, so I thought it would only be visuals. Then I stumbled a bit, as I originally only wanted to dip into the side, but fell right into the mid… Said clanmade asked if I was dancing or something, while I laughed so hard…

I think its okay for lava to be instagibbing players.
It makes speed-junkies like me reduce their movement in some areas…

On the other hand there is one exception:
DCs. When walking through the volcano and getting disconnected or experiencing a crash without any reason and then one dies… It is frustrating to not die because of a fault of myself, but because of some dc.

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Build you base in lava and it is raid/purge proof. You dont even need walls for it…

We just need another tip in the game. “Warning: Lava is deadly hot”, for those who dont know.


You guys DO realize that in any normal situation, just being NEAR molten lava would cook you right? People need special gear just to get near the stuff. Letting us get that close is enough of a grace for me in any fantasy setting. Lava oneshoting me is both reasoneable and hillarious.


never change the lava, but there is some spots where its no lava where u die to lava, that should be fixed.
lava is lava, u cant play with lava