Volcano lava running

wtf is going on with the lava at the volcano…u have just run on the lava with out dieing if u have lvl 4 vit u can run alot with out dieing…why did you change that?or its just a glitch

Hello @CrapJunky, thank you for pointing that out!

This was actually an intentional change that somehow didn’t make it into the patch notes, so we’ve just updated them to reflect this!

intentional change?for real?its lava…u cant walk on the lava…why did y ou change that…now i can run all over the place with out dieing…u are gonna lost alot of ppl cause of this…

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This decision was based on feedback gathered over time, lava is still extremely dangerous but now it allows players some time to react, rather than instantly dying.

Please understand that there are no changes that will please absolutely everyone, and we believe that this one was for the best.


Enough people quit the game, because the lagged into lava and couldnt reach their corpse/loot.

You are not forced to run in lava, if you dont like it.

Honestly, who quits because lava does not one-shot you anymore? smh


based from the ppl that they cant raid a base in the volcano cause they dont know how…and they where crying…but thats ok…there are more games that we can play…there is no game that u can run on the lava and stay alive…first time was here…well played…most of the servers are empty cause of the glitchs and bugs and etc…buit i understand the devs are trying to fix everything…but now…after this decision?just well played

no base is unraidable… Volcano was just annoying territory, because of the one-shot mechanic and lags. My clanmate lagged into the middle of a Volcano stream. Unable to get his loot back and since then he played 1 hour… (also lost a T4 bearer because of that lag).

Maybe running on lava is also too much. But the one-shot mechanic was also over the top.

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mate i can run from the bottom of the lava to the top of my base…with out dieing…thats not even normal…im not gonna stay here and let every one run to my base cause they “fix” the lava…thats not normal
me my clan and alliance gonna leave the game

I understand why the change was made but I’m not a fan of it. The exiled lands are supposed to be a dangerous place. Lava probably one of the most dangerous objects. Kind of feels like child proofing the exiled lands.

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and u didnt even put it in the patch notes…so u guys left as with out know it…and now we dont have time to move loots and bases and etc…but yea u are updating…i will wait until the other patch and if that not gonna be fixed im out…waste of time and money

…and some ppl will come back - those who got tired of loosing their followers in this b…y lava all the time. In fact I never went to Volcano except in God mode just sightseeing because of this AI bug. I need my pets at least to carry heavy loot. What is the use of killing NPCs if you get “over-encumbered” just in no time?

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Let them teach AI to avoid lava first.

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I have not tested this out get but how much does the lava hurt u now? I can understand them wanting to give a small reaction time. I was fighting a thrall on a bridge, couldnt stop the attack animation and went right into the lava. Couldnt build a bridge to try to get body back.

If its not insta kill anymore im hoping they were smart and made it hurt u for kike 25%health every second or something

I can understand that you are pissed off, because people have easier access to your base now. But now you need better defending :wink:

Where I am at your side: You shouldnt be able to run on lava for a long time!

And many things were not at the patch list…

@Hugo how about refunding the money from the game?

I would like to think this is a joke, because it’s just ridiculous enough to be.

If it’s not, and I’m afraid it’s not, unclench and relax.

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I actually welcome this change but being a long time volcano resident myself I kind of understand where OP is coming from. On some servers in the past we’d have to deal with obnoxious solo players players or small clans that would build right in the middle of a lava field and then talk a lot of trash thinking they were completely untouchable. Of course counter land claiming and trebbing / arrowing/godding these bases were always an option but getting the loot was a completely different problem unless you knew a few odd exploits to “jump” or fall into their base. A lot of clans would understandably pass on raiding these sorts of bases b/c usually the effort wouldn’t be worth the material return. I’ve even had bases in some pretty hellish spots that would cause a lot of death by lava for both raiding hordes and friendlies alike to the point enemies would just give up raiding entirely after hundreds of deaths. Now this change makes it a whole lot easier to deal with cano bases meaning the deterrence in being built in a lake of fire is effectively lost. (But in my mind that’s ok b/c really structures built in lava should be consumed by lava anyways)

However it would be kind of cool to see a new T3 structure building pieces made out of ash, obsidian composite and steel that could withstand the lava.

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