Lava damage - Status?

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Dear Funcom. Are you going to keep the lava damage so rediculesly low? It used to be insta-death, and made for fun gameplay both buildingwise and running/pvp-wise. I understand it was because it killed thralls in vulcano, and I can see the frustration, but you ruined gameplay even further for the ones who build in lava. What about just making thralls immune to lava, put lava back on insta-death, untill you fix the problem?

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  1. Build your base in a good lava spot
  2. See Funcom lower the damage on lava to save Thralls, instead of just fixing the problem (or making them immune)
  3. See your entire defence beeing ruined by a patch
  4. Get gray hair
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I must admit at first, I was in your boat. I too, felt I had lost a beloved location, after the nerf.

However, after some consideration, I feel the lava is actually well balanced, when you compare it to other debuffs i.e. poison, bleed e.t.c

If it was just as simple as being able to make thralls immune to a certain type of damage, I’m sure they would have taken that option.

If I remember correctly, the forums were inundated with stories of people lagging into lava, closely followed by their trusted companion. Unable to retrieve their loot.

Building near lava still gives you a small advantage, but it is definitely no longer as effective as it once was.

Agreed. It doesn’t seem like lava anymore. Just shiny, poison water that doesn’t hurt very much. Its certainly not the environmental threat that we see in movies like Dante’s Peak, Volcano, or even Star Wars III. In other words, immersion-breaking.

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If your only defense was the lava, then thats probably your problem.

@Bodin immersion (having it or not) is never an argument…
Otherwise fix the water first: When you run out of stamina while swiming, you should sink to the bottom. Not just turn the screen grey…

I prefer the new lava to the old insta death lava. I mean, if we can take 10 arrows right in the face and live, why not a few quick steps across some hot rocks? If we can run through poison gas and live, why not a few hot rocks? If we can fall from 200 feet up and live… you get my point.

The only insta death item should be the green wall of death. Now for once, the volcano is actually enjoyable for me, when running with thralls.

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I haven’t tested this in a while but I reddit recently and remembered if you’re autorunning and encounter the Fence, let’s say perpendicularly, you stand zero chance at retrieving your goods. Compare that to a tangential bump, a fall or a furtive stray trip across it. Therefore even with the Fence there is some inherent variability, because our devs don’t want us to be really frustrated. The lava is a just fix, you’re right.

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You can usually get your stuff back… it just takes a lot of bodies and a nearby respawn point.

You can weasle your items closer incrementally by using the loot all function as your dying with some good timing… after about 30 corpses the game sorta breaks and gives you longer windows between deaths … sometimes even able to loot during death animation and respawn with them.

It isn’t pretty. Gotta keep track of all those corpses too because if you forget which of the 30 has the stuff… things got harder.

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