Thralls should not take lava damage

Please make thralls not take damage from lava… or make them smart enough to not stand in it. Just lost a bearer with 32000 health… yes 32000… because she somehow was standing in lava while I wasn’t even near lava at the time. Nobody near for her to run off and fight either. (Not that she would while in “guard me” mode) She was just in the lava for no reason. When I noticed she wasnt near me and ran to safer ground to get her to appear, she was at about 2000 health. I had to jump over a small lava creek to get out… I made the jump and did not come into contact with lava at all but when I landed my thrall appeared next to me and somehow lost her last 2000 health points and died. That is not okay. I love this game, but damn guys… this kinda stuff makes me wanna box it up never go back. Please consider making thralls immune to lava. To be honest… I no longer have much interest in the game until you guys listen to your players and fix your crap that costs us hours upon hours of our time when we aren’t even at fault. If I lose stuff in the game because I made mistakes or wasn’t strong enough… fine… but when I lose stuff for reasons outside of my control… that is not right. That is not okay. Think about it.


This has me so mad right now that the game disgusts me… I can’t even look at it.


Well in the past i answer to one of this posts, something like ’ i follow a specific path and my thralls don’t dye’ bla bla bla. The truth is i was wrong. @CodeMage is the leader of this post so let’s hope he answers to this sumon. All i can say here is that if they don’t want to change this at least to make it our thralls take the same amount of damage that we take. This will delay and maybe stop their death.

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yes plz

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Makes sense to me. They already don’t take damage from environment (sandstorm, brimstone gas)


It’s something everyone – including me – has been asking for repeatedly. I hope they’ll implement it eventually. Followers simply shouldn’t take damage from falling or from lava.


Been beating my drum about this too. At the very least, followers should be immune to falling and lava while actively in the following state (or scouting state if the player has died/DC’d and not yet ordered another to follow them).


Nice strawman there :wink:

There’s a difference between followers taking lava/fall damage while following the player and followers taking damage from attacks. If you need me to explain it, I’ll be happy to.


That’a not fine. The Thralls are too stupid. This should not be the problem of the Player.


Sure, but let’s not mix up posts. @Reeferama’s post was exclusively about the buggy pathfinding and AI and how thralls die from lava. And he/she is right: this shouldn’t be happening at all.

The easiest way to solve it is to make followers immune to lava – and fall damage, because of the same class of bugs – while following the player. Theoretically, the problem could be solved by improving AI and pathfinding, but I have very low confidence in that, given the tech.

As for trimming the thralls’ godly powers, when you see people complaining about the thrall nerf and saying that their thralls are useless now, feel free to tell them the game is Conan Exiles and not Pokemon, and I will happily join you, because I happen to have the same opinion :slight_smile: But this thread wasn’t about that at all.


I will have to agree.

Before thrall leveling, I lost four T4 bearer thralls in two weeks, they kept leaping to their deaths. Since it never took the first time, they would do so until they succeeded. I had to learn to have them unfollow me if I was working close to an edge, to not pause on an elevator, even if I was sheltered and safe, bascially, to be more aware of their inherently lunacy.

After thrall leveling, I lost 3 high level thralls, a 19, a 16 and a 15 through various glitches. The new fall damage, boss clipping, etc. It sucked.

Since I depend on thralls to complete dungeons and help me take out bosses, I use them all the time and it will always suck when I lose a thrall and more so when I lose their equipment. But, and this is critical, I have learned to be more careful, to adjust my actions, to employ caution. It will still suck every time.

I will get over it.

Because it is a game and the rules make the play hard enough to be a challenge. If I did not want a challenge, I would be playing single player in God mode. I chose a public server, I understood the limitations, and I will continue to play within them while I continue to find relaxation and enjoyment in the game.


Some 15 years ago, I worked with a project manager whose favorite thing to say was “Take it as a challenge.” The version control server is down? Take it as a challenge! Your co-worker went on vacation without handing off his work so now it takes you extra time to take over and continue? Take it as a challenge! You have two weeks to find a way to optimize the output file size without touching the code where the underlying problem is because there’s another team working on that code? Take it as a challenge!

Guess what? You can’t make everything a challenge just because you say so.

Buggy behavior is not a challenge. It’s an obstacle and it can be overcome, but not every obstacle is a challenge, at least not to everyone. I mean, good for you if you take bugs as a challenge. And I guess there are also people who took the prevalence of cheating on official PVP servers as a challenge. But taking that as an argument against a suggestion to fix something that is undeniably a problem is going a bit too far.

And yeah, there are ways around these bugs. It’s good to point them out if the person who ran into the bugs isn’t aware of them. But again, just because there’s a workaround, it doesn’t mean it’s okay to leave the bug alone.


Seriously? You’re stooping down to using that as your argument? It doesn’t even hold water when the “fans of godlike thralls” use it – you can’t balance out an OP gameplay mechanic by saying “you don’t have to use it” – but it makes even less sense to use it for bugs.

Remember when you would randomly die if you walked into the mesh of a broken rock after mining it? That was a bug, too. By the same logic you wrote above, nobody should have complained about that and Funcom could’ve left it as it was. After all, you have a choice not to walk into a mesh. Or, for that matter, you have a choice not to play the game.

And honestly, if you’re going to resort to arguing in bad faith just because you stubbornly want to cling to a point that makes you feel smugly superior and because you can’t separate two different concerns, then there’s no point in discussing this further with you…


I defiantly agree with this only because that immunity would never affect actual PVP or PVE its not like you can knock a thrall off a cliff or have a bucket of lava like minecraft lol. I do see they just patched fall damage but lava also needs to be addressed I have to re spec to go to volcano just cause I’m going in on my own.

PvPers with bases above lava will think otherwise :wink:

Fair enough but a simple fix from that point of view is the follower is immune to lava as they should path find as they move but the guarding one if building falls over lava thrall should die.

I am afraid I did not communicate well.

To restate my point in what I hope will be a clearer way.

  • Bug and defect reporting is important
  • Responsive updates are important
  • Play balance rules will always make someone unhappy
  • Just because it may be happening to us, it does not follow that it is intended as retribution against us

This last point is key. Many people appear to take issues with the game as a personal slight, directly targeting them.

This is a losing strategy.


Oh, that. Yeah, way too many people take this game way too seriously :smiley:


i agree

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