Can you please just make followers immune to lava damage?!

Seriously guys, if you’re not going to do a better job of coding the AI paths can you just simply make followers immune to lava damage? Doing such would seem to be dictated by common sense. Your game is near-unplayable in so many ways, this would be one less utter nuisance to deal with, and probably would save many players from outright quitting your game. WHO CARES IF THE FOLLOWERS DON’T TAKE FIRE DAMAGE?! This is stupid! PLEASE FIX THIS!!


i wouldnt mind this but i would like to add that if the follower is in lava reduce their damage output to x0 as in were not gonna let you abuse the no follower but i would say put a 10 min buff on no lava damage and if the thrall is still on the lava after 10 min then kill said thrall … let face it your too dumb to leave a follower in lava after 10min and expect no death


with how utterly useless the AI pathing is, and the fact that if the thrall is in the lava then obviously it is not with you (since you would be dead in the lava) i don’t see how making any changes other than making the thrall immune to lava fire damage would be necessary in the least.

sometimes i think Funcom purposely puts annoying issues in their games like this to make people not want to play them. very similar style of poor game design decisions that occurred throughout Age of Conan’s short life. they have a great game here, but have to polish this kind of unplayable crap out of it if they expect to keep players. why? because OTHER GAMES WORK. so PLAYERS WILL GO PLAY OTHER GAMES.

i’m going to open another topic about the character clothing animations also, this is also something that should be easy to fix and just makes the game look subpar. i read something about it being due to the character height and being fixable with a mod that you can adjust the thrall’s height, but having to do that is stupid when you’re someone like me who doesn’t play with mods. the basic game should work as intended, period.

another simple fix (and yes, i know there’s a damned mod for this also, but this ALSO should be a basic feature in the game) would be to make WYSIWYG wheels of pain.

and thralls are still brutal to use despite the new features, they’re utterly littered with bugs, so at least if they fixed all this other stuff they’d be mitigating the undesirability of the game. they’re running out of time too, they should fix all of these issues while Siptah is still hot or they’re never going to attract new players and existing players fall off.

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Speaking of realism have you ever seen any living being running into lava just to cut off a corner?


Never more than once :wink:

(Being more serious - I’m reasonably sure this exact issue was the final straw for a mate of mine - he hasn’t played for a few weeks, and the last steam message I got from him when he was playing was about watching his t3 bearer’s health drain away while trying to get them out of the lava. Sure, he was never going to be long term - he tends to jump from game to game a lot more - but I figured he’d have kept going a while yet, he still had plenty to do…)


i can negotiate the lava, and have. the issue is the hassle. it’s commonly referred to as QOL by developers. if the thrall can’t navigate the lava then it should be made immune so it can at least join you. what danger would there be? so the thrall stands in lava, if an enemy wants they could still shoot them or send their own thrall at them. the game element should not be guiding your braindead thrall through simple, walkable paths. that’s my opinion.

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actually, correction: i can negotiate the lava from the front of the Well of Skelos, but when i have my thralls on follow, going through the Dragonmouth alone (just the cave, not even talking about the windy narrow path through the lava on the other side of it) even taking baby steps, no matter what i do, the thrall TELEPORTS into the damned lava no matter what i do.

i hate to break the news to you, but regardless of whatever the consequence of doing so, thralls, pets and mounts all need to be made immune to lava. it is the only logical game design choice given the obvious contraints. there’s not an intelligent argument that can be made against it, i don’t care how exploitive people can get. from a QOL standpoint, this is fully unacceptable from any respectable gamer.

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what is nonsensical about making thralls immune to lava so that you can have them follow you around the game world exactly?


Put your thrall on follow. Climb the Well of Skelos to get the recipes there on the upper floor. Let us know how long it takes for you to get the message your thrall has died. Over/under is about 30 seconds.

Take a thrall (it’ll be a different one, the other one is dead now) inside the Well. Once you get down to the forge, wait for it. And wave goodbye.


Simply making thralls immune to all forms of environmental damage not only makes sense, it would be the path of least resistance for Funcom. They will never completely fix pathing in this game. Ever. Accepting that, this would be the most logical course of action for them to take. Why they refuse to consider it, that’s beyond my understanding.


Well if they don’t fix it then they should add a death a audio that as they die it says

Burn baby burn
Duuu duuu burn bay burn

That or down in the burning ring of fire as I went down down in the burning ring of fire burn burn burn the ring of fireeeeee


If you play on a modded server, there is a mod called Dat Dang Lava that does exactly this.

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Xbox :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I need that mod

Sadly it appears there are a great many mods which fix glaring issues like this with Funcom’s game. I would still like for Funcom to package their game with complete functionality and common sense if they ever hope to gain ground with the gaming masses. Mods are great, but when you’re committed to vanilla these issues are annoying. I play a game based on its worth straight out of the box, vanilla. If I was interested in a product someone could make out of someone else’s product admittedly I’d have an entirely different library of games. Most of it is simply: once I get started with something I always take it too far - so if I were to get into the mods I’m mostly just afraid how carried away I would get and how stupid the game would become due to poor choices, hence ruining the experience of the original game (I do use mods for some games, but only in really desperate situations where I can no longer progress the vanilla game without them, i.e. Fallout 4 and Skyrim with the unoffical patches and such).

I think I rambled there, sorry, I blame weed, but I hope I made sense. I just want my vanilla games to work as intended, so like, if you’re supposed to have thralls in the game, make the damned things work, same with the wind animations in the clothing, like, why does it work on some thralls but not others, its inconsistent and leaves much to be desired in terms of a quality product. I’m tired of Funcom’s apparent attitude with some of these bugs and glitches where they seem to settle for “well, it sorta works…”. “Sorta works” is for indie developers and alphas imo.

Glad to see others feel similarly about the lava though, was afraid maybe I was gone bonkers.


Oh no you’ve gone bonkers either way

I can 100% get behind this change! I barely use thralls because I find them more of a hindrance than anything but I can imagine the frustration of levelling a thrall only for it go stand in lava! Rage quit material right there!

Although I would be down for Burning Ring of Fire to play also xD I would have a use for my thralls I barely use then >.> Sacrificial Yog dance party anyone?

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Rather teleport back home, they have a way to get stuck to.

They die to quick to give them comand!

You not always se wher they going and i have lost folowers just cause they fall thrue the flore in youre vulcano base. of charge a mob on the other side the lava.

An permanent inmune thing minimise the buggrisk and give them resourses free to work on other things.

exactly. no logical reason not to do it that i can see. how can players exploit a thrall immune to lava against other players anyways? not like other players will ever be standing in lava.

glad to see a lot of you agree, thank you. if only Funcom would see this post now…

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