Leather Apron and workgloves

What are the purpose of the leather apron and leather workglove?
Can they be fitted to work thralls?
I kinda made a few before I even tried :slight_smile: Altho, doesnt seem they’re usefull for anything than RP…

Or am I wrong?

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I always assumed that MAYBE they did for player crafting what thralls do for station crafting. Unfortunately, though, I was always too lazy and cheap to waste the mats to craft it. lol

On PVP you wear these two pieces with no pants to display you are building/crafting. It also looks great that way.


They are cosmetic pieces. They do not provide any benefit to your character.

They have no benefit but can be used for RP.

In a roleplay environment, place a thrall (generally a fighter or archer without weapons) by a work station and cloth him in the apron and gloves. Or wear it yourself hehe

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You can use them to fool other players into thinking you’re a NPC, surprise attack :slight_smile:

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It’s a shame they are just cosmetic. But still good to have them in the game.

Would have been great if they at least made crafting take a little less time or something. I would love to have some clothing pieces in the game that could help you build and craft.


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