Legendary Armor repair kits gone?

it seems that players can no longer craft the legendary armor repair kits, was this intentional and if so then why can we still craft the weapon repair kits? hopefully this isn’t intentional at all and will be fixed soon

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We can still craft the Weapon Repair kits with the Tempersmith, but for some reason the Temperwright only unlocks the master level of the repair kits.

I am guessing this is a bug.

wow so long now since I started this post and not a single response from funcom…bug… might be but we will never know unless they frikin speak to us about it

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if you think it is a bug, post in the forum section for feedback on bugs. you will likely get better response there or confirmation one way or the other.

Thats because there are 1000’s of posts about it and they know

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If you check the bug reports forum, you’ll see that there are already quite a few threads where this same issue has been reported more thoroughly than in this one. Cluttering the forums with multiple separate threads about the same issue is not going to make Funcom fix it any sooner; rather, it may cause relevant information on the bug to be split among several threads, making it harder for the bug fixers to track the issue.

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