Legendary Bow Splinter Question

I have a question about “Splinter”. It is a legendary bow that says it “Splinters” the arrow. Is that just flavor to explain it doing more damage or is it actually exploding the arrow and doing some kind of AOE effect or something?

It’s just flavor. Its effect is higher base damage but lower armor penetration.


Thank you

Its the only bow with 0 armor pen.

It has the highest base damage for the legacy legendary bows. It has a backstory where the person firing it killed someone when the arrow splintered off the armor and the piece of arrow lodged in his neck.

0 aoe. It does do 26 damage which is very close to the Reach of The Red Mother. Which does 30.

You can add armor pen to the bow for 15 armor pen or add the weapon damage kit which will put the damage above the Reach bow. But you Will lose armor pen.

Perfecty viable bow. And what I am currently running with


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