Testing Bows & Arrows

I thought I had the best bow build that was available; however, someone out damaged me in a contest. I did some testing and found that pairing up certain bows with certain arrows do more damage than is displayed on the Stat page. Has anyone had any experimentation with this?

I maxed out accuracy and four bubbles in Str to max out the heavy attack, used Reach of the Red Mother with agony oil for high damage and hollowbone arrows for the 54% armor pen.

Armor pen on the bow and arrows do not stack, so it takes the higher of the two.

With this, I did 382 points of damage to someone in heavy armor with a chest shot.

I then took a hollowbone bow paired with hollowbow arrows, and the stats showed that I was doing about 5 points of damage less with this equiped; however, against the same target with the same armor, I did 425 damage.

Someone shot the same target and did 512 damage, and I can’t figure out how.

The bow he’s using looks like the reach of the red mother. Not sure on the arrows. He refuses to tell me what he’s using so I’m trying to figure it out.

Bugged 100% AP arrows from the latest patch…

Even I have several stacks of them. If you re-equiped arrows, suddenly the had 100% AP (after server reboot).
I have 100% AP healing, explosive, drageonbone and serpentman arrows.

Maybe Derketo’s voice? 28 base dmg without mods, 0 armor pen.

But with 100 pen arrows… you won’t need bow penetration I think.

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