Bow AP is broken

So, Regular Dragon Bone Bow + Serpent arrow against 737 armor = 39 damage (39 acc) (9 AP bow + 17 Arrows = 26 AP)
Bow + spiket upgrade = 39 damage (24 AP Bow + 17 Arrow = 41 AP)
Bow + damage upgrade kit = 45 damage
Same result with 40 ACC
57 damage for pure bow, 57 damage for bow + spiked and 65 damage with extra damage


Even more, Voice of Derketo (28 damage 0 AP) dealing same damage like Dragon bone bow + damage bonus (28 damage 9 AP) with same acc

Hey @UnknowmMantra

Thanks for sharing your detailed feedback with us, really appreciated. Sending it to our team so they can look into it.

I was testing blunted arrows and found out I will kill T4 thralls before I knock them out. (40 STR, 0 ACC)

T1-T3 thralls can be knocked out with arrows and have about 20% of their health left.

use low lvl bow for this

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You can also put a blunted weapon fitting on the bow.

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yes you need to apply advanced blunt effect to the bow

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