Legendary Chest Disappear

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or the devs just had another great idea, but I noticed legendary chests (and only those) disappear from dungeons if you do the same dungeon over and over.

Let me say this before: I always let at least 6 hours pass between each visit to a dungeon.

First time it happened in the Arena.
I did it once, twice, thrice … not sure about fourth time and then EVERY TIME I went there after that, the chest was simply not there.

Now the same happened to the Silver Mine: I did it once, twice, thrice … and then they disappeared. This time they disappeared in front of my eyes, while I was approaching the Scorpion Queen.

I even went out of the mine and enetered it again, but chests just weren’t there anymore.

Can someone confirm ?

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Legendary chests have been randomly disappearing ever since the chest quick loot update.

After dropping the dungeon boss and after taking out several world bosses for some well deserved legendary loot…

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Ok, so it’s not a rule like “we want players to explore ALL dungeons, not just one” ?

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