Legendary chests content


These chests are supposed to contains also armors. Until now I found only weapons inside. Is this normal?

I can’t remember ever seeing an armor in one… what armors are you expecting to get?

@liquidand only weapons and shields from boss chests that require keys. I am talking about world bosses not dungeon not sure about that. You can loot armor off of some dungeons bosses and in the unamed city.

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Checked the legendary item list on the wiki, and it reports also armor to be found in chest. This is why I asked. Until now only weapons and shields for me

Hi! I quickly checked the wiki, and there seems to be a misunderstanding.

You see, the article on the Legendary Chest states that it may contain a legendary item, that much is true. However, when you check the article on legendary items themselves, and peruse the whole list, you’ll see that not a single piece of armor is stated on its individual article to drop from chests, but rather from either NPC (most of them from the Unnamed City, but some, like the Nemedian or the Executioner’s Hood, are sourced from other places) or through crafting (like the Khari sets). Chests will only drop weapons and shields and, even then, some of those are reserved to specific NPC (like The Predatory Blade) rather than chests.

Hope I clarified it for you!


Thanks for the info.

Yeah I can see where the confusion comes from because if you click the legendary items list which appears on the legendary chest page it points to ALL legendary items and has a link for armors