Further options for legendary chests

It might be fun to add other, non-weapon items, to Legendary chests.

e.g. Legendary tools with extra high harvest rates, legendary tools with bonuses to Survival.
e.g. Legendary pieces of clothing, “Nuuk’s Sealskin Coat” (eskimo coat, light helmet) +5 cold resistance. “Fedora of the Archeologist” (+2 accuracy and +2 encumberance), “Don Pablo’s Sombrero” (sombrero hat, light helmet +5 heat resistance), non ugly backpacks
e.g. Legendary placables “Statue of Imhotep” (works as a named dancer)

Perhaps this could be used to distract the art department while the code monkeys chase bugs and fix the issues with the game.


Yeah! Great idea

That’s really a great add to the game!!

@Tascha could this be showed to the devs?

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