New Item - Capes

The idea is pretty simple, make a headgear that instead of being a helmet acts like a cape (something similar to the bearers backpack). Capes would be equiped on the head slot.

As for stats it would be nice to have cold or heat resist, but no or little armor bonus as a trade-off. This could help players using different armors (without helmet) on colder/hotter climates.

Examples of capes:

  • Fur cape: light helmet padding, 40 fur. (+4 cold resist). Unlocked at lvl 30
  • Wolf pelt cape: medium helmet padding, 30 wolf pelt. (+4 cold resist, 10 armor). Unlocked at lvl 30

Values and recipes are completely vague just to give a general idea. What are your thoughts? Do you like this idea?conanbarbarian16


IDK about being +4 but def like idea of capes.
What would keep you cool though?

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Capes would be great imo but will it have it’s own item slot or will it be headgear??

I like the idea of it’s own slot and being mostly cosmetic. No armour value only temp resistance and maybe add the back pack here as well for the encombrance value but add an increase to Stam drain to counter it a bit


Oh, but the same for heat as well, but then probably made from silk.

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Are you sure?
A bat demon skin cape?



yeah, capes would be great. And i agree it should be Head Slot Item. Otherwise everyone would run around with cape and it is obviously not common outfit in Hyborian Age. So stick with the lore where it is possible please :slightly_smiling_face:

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“No Capes!” - Edna Mode

I know there are many names for it. It can go as cape, robe, manteau, mantle, cloak, poncho or as you please to name it. It doesnt have to be necessarely a superhero “cape” design and it can or not have a hoodie :slight_smile:. Thats something the art team should decide.


Maybe in their own slot. reason being someone might use helmet and capes either.

Maybe some movement penalty as a “negative effect” BUT
Attribute bonus should be added anyways like on every armor piece. Otherwise we would just strengthen ONE ARMOR usage only… (looking at you silent legion…)

And armor is a must (especially for heavy capes like animal hide capes or fur) I mean those things has different amount of armor when used as a chest or skirt armor so why not when worn on the back?

Maybe different weight class for them. like linen/silk capes being light armor, skin/hide/fur being medium, and some capes with even iron/steel reinforcements or other hardened materials (like the ones used on the improved armor bench reinforced silk, reinf. leather…etc could count of heavy armor.

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I tried to make implicit that there would be light, medium or heavy capes with the examples I made (fur one being light and wolf one being medium).
What capes do or what stats they provide is something that comes after devs start considering them as a possible item in terms of art design and technical viability. The game engine handles quite good clothing and you can see skirts and cloth armors have quite polished physics.

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Let’s be honest when Conan gets into a fight the first thing he does is drop his cape off and flex his amazing muscles.

That being said I wouldn’t mind them as a cosmetic option. I think it’d be neat if they added a warmth bonus for cold weather but not really any stat or defense bonuses. If anything they’d be a liability in a fight.

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Yes I love the cape idea but they need a separate slot. I’d want a cape and keep the hood I’m rocking

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The real issue about legion armor is its the sole armor viable.
There is no flawless strenght… ^^
There is one for accuracy… but… I better keep my mouth shut. :stuck_out_tongue:

And after such a comment, I would prefer being able to put resistance mods on my armor instead of getting a new piece.

I do like the idea of capes though. (If that wasnt obvious.) Probably because I am eighter thinking of a bear-/ wolfskin being worn or some kind of robe to hide myself. Hmm. Bad idea. Capes/robes causing the name not to be shown? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Love the idea I hope it makes it to the suggestion list, discussed and will be implemented later.

Been thinking of this also but best rephrase to Cloaks people see capes and think super hero . 100% agree this should implemented

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+2 to frost protection is much more than enough.


um no they cant even get base game right…quit giving them ideas on how to break it even more

urrgh. no thanks

If they fix those issues, would you like to see capes or other items alike? :slight_smile:

This is the suggestions forum. We can adress bugs and fixes on the section meant for that. “Fix bugs” its an implicit suggestion that everybody is looking foward to.


I really like the idea of the capes and cloaks, but I prefer having a new slot for them. I don’t really see a good “roleplay” reason, for not being able to wear both.

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the thing is that when you have separate slot for capes, then everyone will run around with cape and that is just weird… It is also weird to see everyone wearing some helmets or hats. So i guess it would be OK to have either helmet/hat or some cape/cloak instead - but OFc it should work as helmet and add you proper protection and stats (excluding HEAVY from this equation)