Can we please have Capes!

Pretty Please, with sugar on top!

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I’d rather have cloaks, robes and / or coats. :yum:


This too.

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:joy: !!! Can’t breathe, LOL!

I saw the topic, but you beat me to it. :smiley:

Cloaks are very versatile, useful pieces of clothing. It makes sense for travelers to wear cloaks because it can protect you from sunburn, rain, cold and bugs all at the same time. (Sunburn, rain, cold and bugs at the same time? That’s summer in Finland.)

Cloaks and other flowing clothes are also a pain to animate, which is probably why we haven’t got them yet.

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Yes and with customizable crests please.

Capes / Kilts - all da same :slight_smile:

Yes add capes please so I can grab people by the capes and beat them down hahahahahaha love the incredibles cape scene. Might help me catch runners to.

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Hmm, I’m not sure about capes & cloaks. While I like the idea in theory, the armor in the game is so varied, I foresee a lot of bad clipping going on. Even now, the longer hair styles clip into the rest of the character, and this would be a lot more complex.

Another issue is gameplay. It’s been stated before that visual identification is very important for PvP. Problem is, capes and cloaks conceal whatever is underneath. I suppose this might be desirable if you want to encourage people to only attack their targets head-on rather than sneak attacking, but it’s something to consider.

Lastly, having played with capes in other games, while they look cool billowing out behind you, and framing your character from the front, in a 3rd person behind-view game, it’s going to get boring seeing nothing but your cape and head all the time. No toned physique, no view of your armor, etc. And considering we’re not allowed to hide our helmets, there’s little to no chance we’d be allowed to hide our capes. Crom forbid capes would get a stat or other bonus associated with them, because if they did, we’d all be compelled to wear something that hides our characters from us whether we want to or not.

IF cloaks or capes were added, my personal preference would be that the only benefit assigned to them be heat/cold protection rather than attribute buffs. In this way, people could (for example) wear their Aquilonian or Pictish armor up north without freezing while those who prefer no cape aren’t handicapping themselves.

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I agree, capes/cloaks should only have hot/cold attributes. Also they shouldn’t implement them if they cant make them look right. However they also could be a good source of identification. As far as concealing what your wearing, i see it as another element to the game.

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