Cape n Cloak, Taking Player heads for bounty, Expanding pvp hours in PVE-C servers


Capes n Cloaks for Characters druid like and only cloaks for +1 Cold protection…

and able to cut killed players head with axe


Cloaks are very useful items for an adventurer in almost any environment. They can protect you from cold, they can keep sunlight away from your skin and keep moisture from evaporating from your body, they can keep insects away, etc. It would make all kinds of sense to have cloaks in the game.

Cloaks are also a pain in the backside to animate. With the huge number of clothing and armor already in the game, animated cloaks would clip and cause all sorts of graphical trouble a lot of the time. I hope Funcom animators have the chance to show off their skills and give us some cloaks in the future, but I totally understand why they might not.


thx for your kind reply. im understanding graphical trouble for animators and in game glitches, im thinkin the same way like you, hope one day we may able to wear some cool capes which conceals our name in game… and cool cloaks also…

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I also thought about the heads. But he concluded that it was useless.
For the reason that it will cause unhealthy competition. The head will be very light, and this will cause additional humiliation. Including yours. Even if you are an unbeatable player in PvP, sooner or later your body will be found and your head cut off. In general, this is too wild and will cause someone an unnecessary negative. It is already impossible to play calmly on the pvp servers, constant insults.
I’m against.

main idea is here that im playing assassin in RP/PVP server. People are able to hire me to kill someone… so i need proof, instead of head this can be ear like diablo anything that proves that i kill that players works.

video tape it.

You say this for an unofficial server. Make a mod or order from a mod developer.
The essence does not change at all.
For most players, this is unnecessary. And it will certainly cause more trouble than good.
I, too, have a lot of things missing. Much more relevant are two new geometries of building blocks.

found that mod its brilliant… named: Crassus
this thing must be in Vanilla too… all those guys are barbarians basicly…