CLOAK ( Armor , Cape ) 6 SLOTS MAYBE?

Hello Funcom,

Maybe i had one suggestion ;
I miss on every armor set a Cloak or ( cape )
Maybe for example, make one Armor slot more for your Character. 6 Slots in place 5 slots.

I think many players think the same about this suggestion. I hope!

It will look verry cool i think if this is maybe possible to make for you FUNCOM.

I really appreciate if i can get a Reply on this Suggestion! Thanks

Greetz. R

Yes please to cloaks/capes!!!

Cloaks and capes are not only good-looking, but they’re also very useful clothes. A good cloak can protect you from direct sunlight in a desert, from cold and rain and insects and sandstorms and whatever. so yes, it makes all kinds of sense for adventurers to wear cloaks.

Cloaks are also a pain in the butt to animate. Considering how many different armor types the game has, each cloak would need to be animated separately for each of them. The attachment points on e.g. the skin-tight Zamorian Thief armor would be very different from e.g. the bulky Hyrkanian Raider armor.

I know some games solve this problem by making the cloak “float” from an attachment point where it doesn’t clip with anything, ie at the furthest point needed for the bulkiest armor. Seen from behind, it looks pretty good on anything, but seen from the side, you can see the cloak floating a couple of inches above and behind the charactrer’s shoulders. That looks bloody awful.

A possible solution, one Funcom explored in the recent Dark Templar armor, is to include the cape as part of the armor itself. This would limit the number of options, but it would eliminate the need to make every type of cape interchangeable with every type of armor. That way we could have at least some capes.

(I want a thief armor with a cape. I want to pretend to be Batman.)

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i would take it off if i could, it’s ugly.

i rather not have them as a 6th slot but as head pieces, a furry cloak to resist the cold climate, or as light armor just to look cool at the cost of not having an armored headpiece

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