I think cloaks should be in the game

Would love to see cloaks for this game, kinda surprised they haven’t done this yet. Is it a game design limitation? All the stories and movies have them there.

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Capes look cool, are in some mods, but I suspect that trying to get their accurate animations and conforming them to whatever else players wear, would make it insanely messy. Who knows.
Drop the suggestion into the next Twitch stream?

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Yeah I think its a quality issue that would have to be worked out. A flowing cape can clip thru the body and look a bit weird at times, so that’d need to be addressed. Not to imply that it can’t be, and I’d love to have capes/cloaks, I was just pointing out a reason why we may not have them yet.

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I’m 100% in favor of more capes, but with how the armor system is currently a lot of pieces have small capes, scarves, etc already attached. I imagine these would cause major clipping issues, in addition to inconsistent shoulder sizes.

More likely in the future they’ll just add more sets with cape-ish parts, like the latest Turanian Nomad set.

Age of Capes

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