New armor, capes, weapons, and MOUNTS!

I think Conan Exiles has a good range of armor and weapons, but after recreating many characters, i think this great game needs more diversity in armors (Heavy mean looking, more ninja/assasin type, etc…). also i think a great element would be the addition of a wide range of capes and hoods which would help increase temperature. that way we could use not so cold armor sets in colder areas. not to mention they would look INSANE good with armor :)!! another thing the game could use, would be more weapons like sycthes, one handed spears to use with shields (or buffing javelins so they look more menacing. they look like toothpicks), chain-connected mauls like the one The Witch King uses from LOTR, DUAL WIELDING SWORDS, more and customisable shields… i believe we ALL want this. Horses and/or mounts, PLEASE!!!


Believe me, you’re not the first to ask for every single one of these lol

Mounts are not going to happen. They have stated in the past it will require too much of a total engine re-write in order to accomplish, which is why they extended the thrall system to pets and carry capacity to be a compromise. the dual wielding is sorta coming though, so thats cool.

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Afaik mounts are indefinetely cancelled, see this page for all the reasons:

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Mounts don’t need to be in the game and it’s good they’re indefinitely cancelled. We don’t need an Ark 2.0, which this game is already slowly starting to become with all the casuals wanting their thralls to be nearly godlike in strength, all because “PvE, the most simple challenge in the game, is muh too hard. Cry.”

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As most here have already said, you may as well scratch the mount part out… For now at least, don’t expect anything of the sort…

That being said… More weapons and armor is, in my opinion, very much welcome! Variety well and truly is amazing, and honestly I’d love to have a whole f’ton of stuff to pick between

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