Legendary Unnamed Items on Siptah

so ive been killing alot of the Siptah Unnamed bosses and im wondering if the Unnamed city legendaries are on this map or not, for example the Lying Bastard Sword was my fav but what about the legendary armor and Sword of Crom too or Preditory Blade these were all really fun to use, i hope theyre here somewhere, ive found the Mask of the Witch Doctor from the old map and its been a big help for my build

Yes… they are, only find same bosses… some may be rskinned but still drops those items like if u want warmaker point books find the skelleton named “unnamed grave” or something

Want for example red mother last breath? Find blue skelleton near 3 other , 3 skull bosses, those items all are in siptah, only some is reskined or just renamed
Red mother breath - Siptahs nightligh or something…

executioner hood - drops from Judge…

and so on … just either new bosses or reskined or just new names

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