Let them know how you feel

Everyone should go and click like and retweet on my post to help maybe get the attention of people in charge around here. Up to you.
Spread It Gaming on Twitter: “@rcasais Hey man, You know your game Age of Conan could be a goldmine if you just invest a little $ in it. Right now, people cant even subscribe $$ because your payment system is borked. AoC has the best combat of any MMO available! Fix this! Please! https://t.co/L2RQpOrg9s” / Twitter


I thought about same idea some dsys ago. We need to share that

Be careful about retweeting, or you might end up with a thousand year long ban…

Ban for truth, where we live now?

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i dont care about ban in twitter

It was not a ban by Twitter. Funcom banned him at he forum just for telling the truth by making contact to FC’s CEO.

To AndyB or any other mod: Do you think such a ban was justified for someone caring for the game’s future?

You can make unlimited forums accounts, it doesn’t rly matter. Yes it’s shady but not surprising at all.

I’m more surprised they found the time to ban him.

Funcom banned player for contacting them in twitter? They are really bad company if they did that. Like russian Mail.ru group, that bans players fo rno reason