Let us PICK UP every building thing!

Well, I came from ARK and even when Conan do A LOT of things better, there is one point where Ark is superior: the adaptation of the mod S+ to the official game.

Why? Because that let us to PICK UP almost every building thing on the game: walls, floors, etc.

I know there is a mod that can do it, I tested it on SP and… wow, REALLY useful.

It’s a pain in the ■■■ when, for any reason, you need to rebuild or put a wall in a wrong order, specially when we’re talking about expensive stuff.

Same goes for altars, wheels, etc.

Please, consider this on your next patch.

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Addind to this with a personal pet peeve that could be so easily fixed and improve quality of life… Replacing equal building pieces of the same tier.
For example if I put down a T3 wall but decide I want another T3 wall in its place, the game doesn’t allow it. Have to destroy the wall and then put the new one on its place. Extremely punishing if there’s a placing mistake or you feel like changing up the aesthetic for whatever reason.

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@EvaDi have you tried after the latest update because this is exactly how it works right now. You can upgrade, downgrade and sidegrade as you please.

@MaLTRaiN There are mods designed to do what you ask for. Unlock Plus (with Pickup) being the one I use. Regarding the implementation on officials, I doubt this is going to happen as this needs to be something exclusive to pve.

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Perfect if it is only on PvE.

Moving thread to suggestions. (also, welcome to our community @MaLTRaiN)


Why is that?

I’d guess it has something to do with being able to move your entire base around. Location compromised? No problem, just pocket your fortress and move it elsewhere.

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