Pick-up building pieces feature - please reconsider

I understand that the decision to add this feature came from frustration of accidently putting a building piece or an altar incorrectly, but think of the long-lasting consequences. This feature will lead to door-less bases becoming the new meta in PvP.

I have 2 solutions. Can go with both at once or just one:

  1. Limit this feature to only PvE and PvE-C servers.
  2. Add a small timer to every building piece when they’re pick-able after placement. Like a minute or so. After the timer is over - it becomes solid.

I do not understand the reason you are against the idea, especially for PvP. I am not sure how this will lead to door-less bases. I am curious on that one.

I am for one in favor of this idea. Of course, I wish they added it earlier (or announced it earlier) since I removed a section of my clan’s base due to redundancy which is a loss of 2/3 of the materials to create it. Roughly 1k blocks were removed. I have made many mistakes in builds so I know of lost materials when removing the offending piece.

People would be more willing to remove pieces if they become an issue for another player. Granted I have done that in the past already without the feature, but in this case it allows players to reuse the pieces again.

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Well… it’s easy. Instead of carefully planning your base around the most vulnerable segments - your doors and gates, you will be able to simply wall off important rooms and enter them by lifting up and placing back the walls.
I assure you that anyone who has the slightest idea of how to make a PvP-viable base will use this. It’s going to become meta and it will be ridiculous.


Okay, that makes sense.

I would agree then on the PvP servers, that would be an issue.

For other servers, that would never be an issue, since we do not raid. Heck, I do not have doors in my doorways in my base currently.

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what is preventing the players from simply tearing down the doors and adding walls? The problem should therefore also exist independently of the new feature.


Good counter point. Granted, currently it would cost them supplies each time they did that now.

Yes of course, this fits on PvE and PvEC servers perfectly. My concern is purely with the PvP servers and the weird meta that will follow. I mean, I will use it just because how effective it will be… And I don’t like to think about it.

@drachenfeles Options are nice of course, but can’t do that on officials.


It does, but this just removes the cost and inconvenience of keeping a few raw building pieces so you can replace.


But again, no real difference from being able to pick up and remove elevators from bases on mesa and huge peaks.

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And wedge foundation storages too.

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A timer would cover errors in placing pieces give the mortar time to set so to speak.

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The way ark does this type of feature is in my opinion a good solution. You have 30 seconds to pick up a building piece after it has been placed. After the timer runs down it has to be deconstructed if you didn’t pick it up In time.


30 seconds is too short.

For example you are building in a place which is open (north of relic hunter city for example) but you find out you cannot build farther south or east due to a very large no-build zone (way far from the city). Your build idea is ruined so you need to restart but now you are only able to pick the last few pieces you placed.

10 minute to 15 minutes would be a more acceptable timer for odd issues like that.

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Another solution

  1. Make explosives stronger against newly picked up/replaced pieces for 24 hours.

  2. Picked up/Replaced pieces take 10% damage and need to be repaired.

PVP will and always have been the problematic child in this game.
This is in no way pointed towards the good pvp players, but the problem is that the bad pvp players sort of dictates what features should be added to the game.
I do understand that something like this can cause problems for pvp, and hopefully they can find a way to sort this out for pvp by having different rules there :slight_smile:

However for pve I see no reason for timers or anything like that, the way it is now in testlive is fine for many reasons, and is a much wanted feature, especially for builders since you can now test your ideas without losing the resources directly on the server you play instead of having to go into singleplayer which never really works out the same once you go to the server again and try to copy the test build there, the way it is now save so much time and headache for builders, so in my opinion… For PVE just leave it as it is now, it is good and works well for that :slight_smile:


I already replace doors with walls if I know I’m not going to be on during raid time. This will just cut down on materials which aren’t really all that hard to come by


Problems are being created where there were none, what Conan needs is for the community to be heard crying out for “other things” and they are not given, so that you can pick up the piece if you have made a mistake, well, but all Funcom’s measures lately are to make the game easier and easier, I remember that Conan and his world is a difficult place, the weather is no longer difficult and interesting content is not added, the Exile map is not expanded (I already know that many foreros have said a thousand times here that you cannot, but if you can), listen to the community and put things that the community wants, they are abandoning it and the Dune project is a shot in the air, it is difficult for that game to go good for the theme that touches.
Sorry for my english the google translator.

How is the game made easier? Picking up a building piece is a reasonable feature. Its not like majority of players would use it often. And even if they did, its not a big deal.

Yes, its helping you save on time by getting more materials and crafting those materials. It is not exactly making the game easier since picking up 10 building blocks for example due to a mistake or hit an area of a no-build zone (game or another player base). So, you may save 30 minutes of extra harvesting assuming you did not have extra materials to handle mistakes.

This removes frustration during a build. Also, you can test build concepts without switching to Single Player which I know some players do to design their base.

Some people forget about land claims effect the z-axis so a player base on top of a mountain, will effect the area in the valley below. Same with no-build zones also follows the same z-axis rules so if a NPC camp down below could block an area of the rock edge above.

Making Bosses weaker is making the game easier. Making Thralls/pets stronger is making the game easier. Reducing the weather effects issue is making the game easier. Removing a building piece, to me does not.


False, and no.

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