Pick-up building pieces and other disasters that ruin PvP

Yep, as I stated before, things are even worse than I’ve expected. Not only doors are now obsolete in PvP, you CAN pick up damaged pieces and re-position them, using this method for free repairing.

Why are you doing this, Funcom? Disable this feature on PvP servers today and never bring it back.

And while we’re at it, make names in character list visible again and remove the free-wall hack with the visible nameplates.


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I think pick up building pieces should only be available the first hour after placing them for building errors.

Else you can replace doors with foundations in pvp …

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Is there an exploit to pickup damaged pieces or it just works. Unfortunately, I can’t test myself atm.

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It just works

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It’s not working for me… unfortunately :joy:

But it would be a bit funny considering you can’t pick up fully repaired pieces, at the moment…

Are you on official?

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I just tested it myself, and I was indeed able to pick up a damaged piece and put it back again at full health.

So… yeah, if you want to move your stuff around, don’t repair it first. :laughing:


Then this issue should be fixed by Funcom since that was not intended.

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Doorless bases new meta. I wonder if there are any other new cheeky build strats as a result?


I guess I could carry around a couple of foundations for portable cover/high ground. We will be cranking 90s with the fortnite kids in no time. :roll_eyes:

Ok, it appears that you can’t properly pick up Sandstone stuff. T3, both Black ice and Hardened brick based can be picked both damaged and not

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Update! As soon as the Raid time ended, damaged pieces are no longer pick-able. I’ll check if this will change during the raid time tomorrow.


Ok I give up. This morning I could pick up same pieces that I couldn’t pick yesterday. Then I came back from one farming trip and I couldn’t again. I no longer see any patterns, it just works whenever it feels like.

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if your strat is make a box with walls… pvp is about defending it, so you would sitll want a door to walk out and kill the attacker… turtle = lose always.

It’s still not a welcome mechanic.

I really like that approach, it makes so much sense!
But it’s probably hard to implement. I doubt every building piece carries the information when it was placed.

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