Lets explore the worlds: Rubi-ka (SCP)

My sincere greetings to the locals of the planet of Rubi-Ka!

I have exciting news to each and every one of you, brought to you by my publishing house, Small Cosmos Publishing! Your planet was chosen at the next destination for our famous travel journalist Michael Laneto to explore and document! We reached out to ICC to arrange this once in a lifetime opportunity, and they were kind enough to let him have free access and a Press Card!

Until he’s finished his exploration and writing his travelogues about your planet, Rubi-Ka, we at Small Cosmos Publishing hope that you will enjoy this experience and ask you to be patient with him. Feel free to introduce him to your favourite places and scenic vistas or recommend local foods.

Michael Laneto is also going to record interviews with those of you who volunteer for them, and we hope that many of you will take the opportunity to make your voices heard! A world is made of the people who inhabit it, and we would love to document you and your opinions and characters as well as the scenic vistas!

We at Small Cosmos Publishing are aware that your planet is currently the scene of a conflict of interests, so to speak, and while we are sorry to hear that we want to assure you all that we do not take sides or make any judgements. We believe that each and single one of you are unique and that your stories are worth telling.

In case that anything was to happen to our travel journalist, Michael Laneto, we want it to be known that we customarily don’t cooperate with kidnappers. Please don’t kidnap our correspondents.

For inquiries or proposals, contact ID: ‘Travelmica’
Looking forward to reading all about you!

Karen Chantler
Editor: Small Cosmos Publishing - Home of all your favourite travel series like:
‘Let’s Explore the Worlds!’ and ‘The Universe and You’

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